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A test of logic

The GRE deconstructed and reengineered.

Wherever ETS – the GRE testmaker – references the exam, it deliberately and repeatedly uses the word “reasoning.” The section names are Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing, and the GRE is a self-described test of critical thinking. Academic theory categorizes those prized skills of reasoning and critical thinking as everything above “memorize” on the pyramid that accompanies Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. As a result, the Veritas Prep GRE curriculum is based on this multi-tiered Bloom’s Taxonomy, building from core knowledge to application and reasoning.

The Three Step Process That Leads To High Scores

Foundations of the Veritas Prep System

Most of the schools you’ve attended and classes you’ve taken – and most of what test prep companies cover – emphasized content knowledge, the base of the Bloom’s Taxonomy pyramid. But the GRE is specifically designed to test you on higher-order thinking, your ability to apply that knowledge critically and efficiently. The Veritas Prep curriculum is designed specifically to help you succeed on a reasoning-based test, covering all the information you need to know – the base of the pyramid – but graduating to help you master the higher-order thinking abilities the GRE will require. You will develop action items for each concept area and problem type, and learn to Think Like the Testmaker to avoid common trap answers and leverage those clues the authors of the test left behind.



Master the underlying facts and rules

The base of the pyramid exists for a reason: if you don’t know and understand the core concepts, you can’t apply them to higher-order situations. The Veritas Prep system emphasizes mastery and deep understanding of the facts, formulas, and rules that the GRE tests, so that you’re ready to put that knowledge to use. Each lesson will include a detailed Skillbuilder section built on the philosophy of Learning By Doing: because application, and not mere memorization, is the goal, you’ll build strong muscle memory by using those rules in a series of drills, learning not just the rules but how they are used and how they are tested on the GRE.


Skills meet strategies

Use the right strategy every time

The most common frustration among GRE test-takers is that they’ve memorized all the rules, but they struggle to get started on many problems. The Veritas Prep system fixes that by teaching action items, showing you not just what you need to know but also what you should look to do. Armed with strategies like “Leverage Every Asset” for Quantitative Comparison and “Change the Part of Speech” for Text Completion & Sentence Equivalence, you’ll be ready to take action on any problem you see.


Think like the testmaker

Become a test taking expert

With the GRE’s stated mission to assess critical thinking, it is written specifically to include traps for those who aren’t thinking critically and rewards for those who are. The Veritas Prep system gives you an inside look at the ways that the GRE testmaker cleverly creates trap answers for some and leaves deftly hidden clues for others. Once you know what you need to know (Skillbuilder) and do (Skills Meet Strategy), you’ll learn what you need to look out for (Think Like the Testmaker), giving you full mastery of the GRE.

Our GRE approach in action

How to think like the testmaker

Here’s a typical GRE problem that illustrates the value of Veritas Prep’s “Think Like the Testmaker” philosophy.

in the classroom

Learning by doing

A big problem with conventional test prep is that it builds slowly from the basic to the advanced: not a bad strategy for children learning brand new information from a teacher who controls their grades, but a real issue for adults who remember many of those basics…and who have a smartphone ready to steal their attention at any moment.

The Veritas Prep system emphasizes Learning By Doing: you’ll review the basic skills doing drills at home before class, and classroom lessons will lead with challenging problems and help guide you and your classmates through the application of those skills. The GRE won’t ask you many questions specifically about a rule or definition, but it will ask you to use those rules. Similarly, your Veritas Prep class will help you review and master rules by forcing you to use them, making your memory more permanent and ensuring that you’re ready to answer the questions you’ll be asked on test day.

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