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Create a GRE Study Plan

Taking the Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, is one of the requirements for a student who plans to apply to graduate school. Once someone decides to sign up for the GRE, it’s a good idea to start preparing for the test as soon as possible. The GRE has three parts that test a student’s quantitative, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing skills. GRE study plans are invaluable to students in a number of ways. For one, with a set schedule, students can prep for this exam in a gradual way that allows them to absorb all of the material they need. Plus, a student can design a study plan that factors in other obligations such as undergraduate courses or job hours. Learn how to make an effective study schedule for the GRE.

What to Do Before Making a Weekly Study Schedule

The most effective GRE study schedules are the ones that make the best use of a student’s time and energy. So the first thing a student should do is take a practice test. At Veritas Prep, our instructors help students to examine the results of a practice test to determine what skills need improvement. If a student needs to sharpen their algebra skills for the quantitative section of the exam, our instructors can suggest new ways to approach puzzling problems. We specialize in offering students simple test-taking strategies that they can implement on any section of the GRE. Once a student knows what skills to work on, it’s easier to design a GRE study schedule that focuses on those weaker areas.

Efficient GRE Study Plans

Two students who are prepping for the GRE are likely to have completely different study schedules. One student may have a schedule that sets aside two hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons to study material for the quantitative section of the GRE. On Tuesdays, the student studies for the verbal reasoning section, which leaves Thursday for the analytical writing section. A second student may study a different skill for three hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. For instance, on Monday evening, the student reviews geometry skills for the quantitative section. On Tuesday, the student practices writing issue essays for the analytical writing section of the test, and Wednesday evening, the student memorizes new vocabulary words for the verbal reasoning section. As the student’s skills grow stronger, they plug in different words to work on each week. An effective study plan allows a student to thoroughly learn and retain material needed for the test. Our experienced staff at Veritas Prep assists students in making a study schedule that helps them feel confident and ready to perform at their best on test day!

Tips for Creating a GRE Study Schedule

It’s important for a student to be realistic when creating a study plan for GRE practice. For instance, it’s probably not realistic for a student to say that they will dedicate 12 hours every Saturday to GRE studies. If the student is still in undergraduate school or works full-time, they will likely want to spend some time with friends and relax on Saturday. It would be more reasonable for a student to schedule three or four hours of study on Saturday morning, leaving the rest of the day open. Another tip for a student to think about when creating a schedule is to consider the most ideal time of day to study. Some students are most alert in the morning, while others study better at night. Most students know when their brain is most receptive to new material.

The Benefits of Having a Study Schedule

One of the biggest benefits of creating a study schedule for the GRE is peace of mind. A student who is loyal to a study schedule knows that they are absorbing the information in the most efficient way. Alternatively, students who put aside one night to study for all three sections of the GRE are not likely to remember any of the material. This can cause a lot of stress on test day. Reviewing and practicing skills in a relaxed way is how students retain information for the test.

Students who want to practice for the GRE with a professional instructor are encouraged to contact our team at Veritas Prep. We use quality study resources in our online courses that give students the tools they need to perform well on the GRE.