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Best Ways to Study for the GRE

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Best Ways to Study for the GRE

Students who plan to go to graduate school need to take the Graduate Record Examination or the GRE. A student’s GRE results are taken into account during the graduate school application process. Not surprisingly, many students wonder: What is the best way to prepare for the GRE? Students want to know the best way to study for the GRE so they can prepare for this exam in the most efficient way possible. At Veritas Prep, we offer GRE prep courses to students who want to gain an advantage over their peers on this important exam. We can equip these students with several effective tips on how to study for the GRE.

What Is the Best Way to Prepare for the GRE?

Taking a practice exam is the most effective way for students to prepare. By doing so, a student gets an opportunity to see the types of questions that are on the three sections of the exam. For instance, they learn that the verbal reasoning section contains questions that test a student’s reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Alternatively, a student’s algebra, geometry, arithmetic, and data analysis skills are tested throughout the quantitative section of the GRE. By taking a practice exam, students get a feel for the two essays they are required to write in the analytical writing section. When students take a practice exam, they can determine which skills they need to work on. They can also establish a test-taking rhythm that allows them to finish each section of the test in the allotted amount of time. Sometimes taking a practice exam can help students feel less anxious about what they will encounter on test day.

Improving Weak Subject Areas

Once students take a practice exam, they have the information they need to start studying. Some students may discover that they need to sharpen their geometry skills, as well as review the definitions of various vocabulary words. Other students may realize they need to brush up on their essay-writing skills. Our professional instructors at Veritas Prep can help students improve on any section of the GRE. We provide students with strategies for approaching any math problem in the quantitative section. In addition, we show students how to look for key elements in a written passage that will assist them in choosing the correct answer option for verbal reasoning questions. Understandably, students who are looking for the best way to prepare for the GRE want to learn techniques that can simplify the most challenging questions on the exam. Because our instructors have achieved success on the GRE they are able to pass along practical tips to students who are preparing for this test.

Create Flashcards for Vocabulary Practice

Students who are searching for the best way to study for the GRE may find it useful to look at a list of words that may appear on the exam (PDF). They can fish out the unfamiliar words and create flashcards by putting a vocabulary word on one side of a card and its definition on the other. Flashcards are valuable study resources that students can utilize whenever they have a free moment during the day. Our tutors at Veritas Prep can guide students in creating mnemonics or cues to help them recall the definition of a word. Even if a student only encounters a few of these words on the GRE, they still benefit by expanding their overall vocabulary.

Read Editorials in Newspapers and Magazines

When it comes to the analytical writing section, the best way to prepare for the GRE is to practice writing issue and argument essays. Another effective way to prepare for this section of the exam is to read editorials in newspapers and magazines (The New York Times is a great place to start). Students are able to see the organization of a convincing essay, as well as observe how a writer uses vocabulary to convey his or her points. Furthermore, students see how writers use supporting details to solidify their argument. They may also learn about various controversial topics that are in the news. There is always a chance that one of those issues may show up in an essay prompt on the exam.

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