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Top GRE Tutoring in Winston, NC

While many students finish their education at the undergraduate level, some decide to continue on to receive a graduate or doctoral degree. If you find yourself in the latter of these two groups, then you will likely find yourself faced with the Graduate Record Examination, or GRE. This exam plays an important role in the admission process for graduate programs at many of the universities across the country. Your performance on this exam could mean the difference between being accepted to your dream university or being rejected. That is why proper practice and preparation is extremely important, and Veritas Prep is here to help. Our Winston GRE tutoring program will provide you with strategically-developed tools and professional guidance to help you along your way.

The first section of the exam you will be faced with is an Analytical Writing portion. You will have two separately-timed tasks to which you will need to respond. One task will be centered around an issue while the other is argumentative based. This is meant to assess your writing skills, including your ability to articulate and support complex ideas. You will also have two sections of Verbal Reasoning and two sections of Quantitative Reasoning. These multiple-choice sections use computer-adaptive testing that adjusts the difficulty of each question based on how successfully you answered the previous questions. This means that, if you perform well, the questions become more difficult as you progress.

For such a comprehensive and lengthy exam, preparation is extremely important to a student’s success. This is where our Winston GRE tutoring program can assist you. We will pair you with an experienced, professional tutor that will work with you towards your GRE goals. Winston GRE tutors can provide you a one-on-one learning experience. This allows them to analyze your learning style and create your study-plan that tailor-made for you. As your testing abilities improve for each section, Winston GRE tutors can also adapt the plan so you don’t waste time over-practicing skills at which you have already become proficient.

Regardless of whether you have your sights set on a graduate degree program at Duke University, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, or another university across the country, performing well on the GRE could increase your chances of being accepted to the program. Let Veritas Pep and our Winston GRE tutoring program help you prepare for your future. Contact our team today to learn more.

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