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Top GRE Tutoring in Tucson, AZ

If you have earned an undergraduate degree but find yourself craving an even deeper look into your chosen field, you may wish to apply to graduate school. Graduate schools have competitive application processes comparable to undergraduate programs, except that you may take a more challenging test called the GRE (or Graduate Records Examination) in place of the SAT or ACT. If you want some assistance with your test prep, Veritas Prep can refer you to Tucson GRE tutoring services to help you prepare.

The GRE is a computer-based test with three sections: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The Analytical Writing section is broken into two tasks, an informative “issue task” on a topic provided and an “argumentative task” demanding a critique of somebody else’s work. Tucson GRE tutoring can help you prepare for both essays. For instance, the issue task’s topic is drawn from a list released before test day. If you outline all of the possible topics with your tutor beforehand, you could feel more prepared for whatever the actual test throws at you.

Once you have written your essays, the rest of the test may appear in any order. Verbal Reasoning consists of multiple-choice items concerning the conventions of the English language, while Quantitative Reasoning assesses your skill with numbers. Both are scored on a scale from 130-170.

Many students take advantage of Tucson GRE tutoring to build a familiarity with the exam’s electronic interface. You have access to tools such as a calculator on exam day, and your tutor can show you how to use them effectively. Likewise, you can work on your typing speed if you’re worried that you might be too slow for timed essays.

Tucson GRE tutors also offer the flexibility to work on your schedule. You are free to choose the start time and duration of every session, so there won’t be an annoying conflict of interest. All meetups also occur online, so you don’t need to worry about the hassle of trying to meet up in person.

Most importantly, Tucson GRE tutors allow you to study at your own pace. If you are a fantastic writer, you can concentrate on the multiple-choice sections to improve study efficiency. A private tutor can also build a personal rapport with you that may make it easier to ask for assistance whenever you need help.

Working with Veritas Prep could prove to be a great decision whether you aspire to attend grad school at The University of Arizona or an institution outside of the state. Let us help you pursue your goals!

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