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Top GRE Tutoring in Orlando, FL

If you have completed your undergraduate studies and are ready for the next academic challenge, you may wish to apply to graduate school. Grad school is like the college you’re familiar with except that it’s considerably more challenging, and it starts from the application process. The GRE (Graduate Records Examination) is much tougher than either the SAT or ACT, making solid test prep very important for your future success on the test. Thankfully, Veritas Prep can refer you to Orlando GRE tutoring services to help you pursue your educational goals.

The GRE consists of three sections over a period of three hours and 45 minutes. The first is an Analytical Writing section split between two tasks. The “issue task” asks you to write an informative essay about a topic from a list released ahead of time. The second is an “argumentative task” that requires you to evaluate another author’s work through a critical lens. This section is scored on a scale from 0-6.

After the Analytical Writing portion, the rest of the test consists of two Verbal Reasoning sections and two Quantitative Reasoning sections. These may appear in any order, and one of them may be an unscored “experimental” section. All four contain multiple-choice items and are scored on a scale of 130-170 in one-point increments.

Many students take practice tests to familiarize themselves with the test’s format during Orlando GRE tutoring sessions. The exam is computer-based, something that could take some getting used to if you’ve never taken an electronic test before. There are also a few tools accessible during the exam that Orlando GRE tutors can show you how to use without wasting too much time.

Orlando GRE tutors also offer flexibility. If you’re great at math but have a harder time expressing your ideas in an essay format, your sessions can concentrate on the Analytical Writing section to improve study efficiency. Likewise, a private tutor has the chance to get to know you in a way that many instructors cannot. Not only can the personal rapport you establish make it easier to ask for help as necessary, your tutor can also design sessions with your goals and learning style in mind to make studying more productive.

In short, Orlando GRE tutoring through Veritas Prep is the best way to study for the test. Whether you plan to apply to a local school like Keiser University-Orlando or have your heart set on a school out of state, we can help you work toward your academic potential. Contact an academic advisor today for more information!

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