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Top GRE Tutoring in Bakersfield, CA

If your undergrad studies have piqued your interest in digging even deeper into your field, you may wish to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree from a local school like CSU Bakersfield. The application process is comparable to what you did as a high school student, except that the SAT and ACT are replaced by a more difficult test called the Graduate Records Examination (GRE). If you want individualized attention to help you make the most of your test prep, Veritas Prep can refer you to professional Bakersfield GRE tutoring as you reach for your academic goals.

The GRE is a digital test comprised of three sections. The first section is always Analytical Writing, consisting of two essay questions. The first is an “issue task” requiring test-takers to write an informative essay about a topic provided. Each topic is randomly drawn from a list released before the exam, allowing you to outline all of the possible topics with Bakersfield GRE tutors prior to your testing date.

The second essay is the “argumentative task,” an assignment demanding a critical analysis of another author’s work. You might consider spending Bakersfield GRE tutoring sessions practicing this type of analysis to help you develop a familiarity with what the graders are expecting. Your tutor may also review rhetorical devices with you if it’s something you weren’t working with often as an undergrad.

Once your essays are completed, the rest of the exam contains Verbal Reasoning (English Language Arts) and Quantitative Reasoning (Mathematics) multiple-choice questions administered in a random order. You have access to certain tools such as a notepad and a scientific calculator on the exam’s interface, but using them at every opportunity could cost you valuable time. Bakersfield GRE tutors may show you how and when to tap these resources to help you budget your time effectively.

Bakersfield GRE tutoring also takes place on your schedule. If you work from Monday-Friday, you can meet with your tutor on the weekends to prepare for the GRE. Since there are no time constraints associated with private tutoring, you can spend as much or as little time on each section as you need. Likewise, every session takes place on our proprietary online platform so you don’t need to worry about commuting anywhere.

Veritas Prep takes pride in helping students like you pursue their academic potential. If you would like to learn more about our Bakersfield GRE tutoring service, please contact an academic advisor today!

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