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Top GRE Prep in San Jose, CA

Whether you choose to apply for a graduate program at San Jose City University or elsewhere, chances are high that you’ll need to include solid scores from a graduate-level exam like the GRE. You’ll want to perform your best on this test to achieve great results. Thorough San Jose GRE prep can give you the tools you need to study effectively and efficiently. Contact a Veritas Prep adviser to get more details!

Known as the GRE, the Graduate Record Exam is a comprehensive test administered over computer. It can take up to three hours and 45 minutes to complete the three sections in Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Performing well on this exam can take a great deal of San Jose GRE preparation. Luckily, you can take advantage of a variety of prep packages offered through Veritas Prep.

Each San Jose GRE prep package is suited to a different type of student. For instance, independent learners may enjoy working with the materials provided in our San Jose GRE course. You can review information over the interactive lesson videos, which can be downloaded to access offline. Peruse comprehensive lesson guides and ETS-created homework guides. If you have any questions, you can participate in live sessions to ask an expert.

Alternatively, you may prefer a combination of independence and structured guidance. San Jose GRE classes allow you to learn from a top-scoring instructor who has been in your shoes. They may spend sessions reviewing each section of the test to help you and your fellow classmates feel prepared. Your instructor may choose to demonstrate testing strategies that helped them succeed. They may introduce you to study techniques that you can implement during your independent study sessions. In between classes, you can study using the materials offered in our course packages as well!

Individualized learning can be a unique and convenient way to enhance your study sessions. San Jose GRE tutors can create a learning plan based on your academic goals, areas of opportunity, and learning personality. They may employ unique activities and materials to keep you interested as you learn. One-on-one San Jose GRE tutoring can go at a pace that your comfortable with to allow you ample time to work with the information. Your tutor can answer your questions as quickly as they come up, as well as break down information in a way that you can understand. Each session can be arranged around your schedule to ensure that you can fit it into your life.

Reach out to a Veritas Prep academic adviser to learn more about the San Jose GRE prep options that are available.

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