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Top GRE Prep in Provo, UT

Whether you are a working professional in Provo, Utah who wants to add to your skill set by getting a master’s degree - or you are a college student who knows you want to continue your studies in graduate school, you might be looking at programs at Brigham Young University or other programs further away. Many graduate programs expect or even require a GRE score if you would like to apply for admission. The GRE is a long and comprehensive test, so students should prepare ahead of time to try to perform at their best on test day. If you would like some help getting ready for the exam properly, Veritas Prep can get you started with one of our Provo GRE preparation options.

The GRE is an exam that uses a combination of writing prompts and computer - adaptive testing (CAT) to assess your readiness for the pursuit of a graduate degree. The Analytical Writing section requires you to evaluate and develop an argument on an issue and establish and defend your position on an existing argument. The Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections utilize CAT, assessing your performance as the exam goes on to decide which questions to show you. You will have 3 hours and 45 minutes total to complete all sections on the GRE.

Our Provo GRE prep options offer something for everyone. Students who feel that they are self-sufficient in their study can take advantage of our course. This self-guided on-demand study option provides students with video lessons on the GRE, lesson guidebooks, and official homework guides. Since video lessons are available to be streamed on-demand, students can study whenever they are inspired.

Provo GRE classes include all of the test prep tools from our courses along with a live class experience in a virtual online classroom. You’ll get 30 hours of detailed instruction reviewing the topics on the GRE and providing you with tips and tricks for each section. Your instructor will be someone who earned a top GRE score. This Provo GRE prep option works well for those who enjoy classroom learning.

Provo GRE tutoring can adapt to anyone’s needs. Tutors teach to a student’s learning style and focus on the areas of the exam where they have the most opportunity to improve. Provo GRE tutors can assess your capabilities and build you a custom study plan to ensure you’re always working towards your full potential. When you purchase a tutoring package, you’ll also get your choice of either a course or a class for supplemental study outside of tutoring sessions.

Get started with a Provo GRE prep option of your choice today.

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