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Top GRE Prep in Jacksonville, FL

If you are a Jacksonville, Florida area undergraduate looking to continue your academic career, or a professional with a bachelor’s degree looking to go back for an advanced degree, you might be looking at the programs offered by schools like Jacksonville State University and the University of North Florida. Maybe you have a school somewhere else in mind. Regardless, most admissions offices want you to take the GRE first and provide your score in your application. The exam tests your skills in Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. You will have 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete this extensive exam, and you will want to perform at your best since your score could play a role in your chances of admission to the graduate school of your choice. Veritas Prep has a suite of Jacksonville GRE prep packages to help you prepare effectively.

Jacksonville GRE courses are a self-study package of resources you can use to prepare for the exam on your schedule. There are on-demand video lessons that go in-depth about the GRE. You can stream these on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. you also get lesson books, official homework guides, and access to our regularly scheduled live homework help. This Jacksonville GRE prep option is also included in some of our other offerings.

Jacksonville GRE classes give you the opportunity to learn in our innovative online classroom with classmates and an instructor who earned a top score on the exam. Connect from your home office or a coffee shop during this 5-week-long class that gives you 30 hours of instruction on the ins and outs of the GRE. You also get the self-study tools mentioned above.

Jacksonville GRE tutoring is the top-notch test prep option. You’ll work directly with an expert who is focused on your goals for the exam. Jacksonville GRE tutors can identify the areas of the exam where you should be concentrating to maximize your score, and they can put together a custom study plan so you’re always working on those priorities. When you purchase a tutoring package, Veritas Prep gives you your choice of a GRE class or course as well.

Veritas Prep’s Jacksonville GRE preparation options cover the test prep needs of any kind of student. Reach out to our academic advisors online or by phone with your questions so we can recommend the right option for you today.

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