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Top GRE Prep in Honolulu, HI

Graduate and business school admissions departments may look at how you score on the GRE General Test to measure your ability to analyze the meaning of text, words, and sentences. Your mathematical and writing abilities are also tested. If you feel intimidated at the prospect of facing this standardized test, Veritas prep offers Honolulu GRE preparation via tutoring, classes, and courses. An academic advisor can explain the details of each to help you decide which option might be most helpful to you in refining your GRE preparation.

The GRE General Test, administered at test centers worldwide, is comprised of Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections. These are scored from 130-170 and require you to distinguish authors’ points, summarize texts, and understand the relationships among words. You also need to be able to solve mathematical problems and apply your knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. The Analytical Writing section, scored from 0-6, measures your critical thinking skills and how well you articulate and support your ideas. You’ll have 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the entire exam.

At Veritas Prep, study options include Honolulu GRE tutoring. This form of Honolulu GRE prep enables you to work one-on-one with a tutor who can assess your abilities and create lessons around your greatest learning opportunities. Each session can move at your pace. For even more flexibility, self-guided Honolulu GRE courses are available as interactive video lessons that can be accessed on-demand via computer, smart phone, or other internet-connected devices. Live homework help is available with each course.

Live classroom sessions are led by instructors who have taken and scored well on the GRE. Each instructor can provide Honolulu GRE prep that covers each section, as well as the format and pacing of the exam. Various academic topics are covered in detail. A range of study materials included with Veritas Prep’s courses are included in the package, while multiple sessions run concurrently so you can sign up for a class that’s at the best time for you.

Whether you prefer an online classroom format, self-guided study, or help from Honolulu GRE tutors, we can find the type of Honolulu GRE prep that meets your requirements and goals. Veritas Prep can help you reach for these goals and focus on your skills and confidence. Speak with an academic advisor by reaching out by phone, email, or the form located on this page and get on your path to being as prepared for the GRE as possible.

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