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Top GRE Prep in Detroit, MI

College undergraduates in and around Detroit who want to continue after graduation and pursue a master’s degree, along with degreed professionals who see a master’s degree as an opportunity to increase the stature of their career opportunities, may be thinking about programs at Wayne State University, the University of Detroit Mercy, the University of Michigan in nearby Ann Arbor, or other options. Most people understand they will likely need to take the GRE so they can provide a score in their grad school applications, but not everyone knows how to prepare effectively for the exam. Veritas Prep does, and that’s why we offer several Detroit GRE prep packages. Talk to our academic advisors or keep reading to find out which option might be right for you.

The GRE gives you 3 hours and 45 minutes to get through two Analytical Writing prompts, two Verbal Reasoning sections, and two Quantitative Reasoning sections. You’ll use computer-adaptive testing (CAT) for the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections in most cases, so you may not get all of the same questions as another test taker. Instead, questions will tend to get more difficult as you keep finding correct answers and easier if you’re not performing as well.

Our Detroit GRE preparation options start with courses. Courses are great for those who are self-sufficient with study. We provide you with tools like video lessons, guidebooks, and homework guides. We don’t leave it completely up to you, though, because you can come to live homework help sessions if you get stuck on practice problems. A Detroit GRE course merges studying on your time with help when you need it.

A Detroit GRE class puts you in a virtual classroom with peers and an instructor who earned a high GRE score. You’ll get 30 hours of class time over 6 weeks to learn about the details of the GRE and gain insight into how to do well on it. You also get the self-study material from a course.

Detroit GRE tutoring is the full-service option. You get to work directly with a test prep expert to go after your exam goals. Detroit GRE tutors can focus your sessions on your biggest opportunities to improve your performance. You also get to choose a package that includes either our GRE classes or our course.

For Detroit GRE prep, Veritas Prep has you covered. Reach out to our academic advisors today so they can help you choose your optimal GRE prep option.

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