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Top GRE Prep in Charlotte, NC

If you have an interest in going to graduate school at a Charlotte area college or university, such as Gaston College, Wingate University, or Gardner-Webb University, you might need to score well on the GRE. The GRE is an exam that is used by a lot of college and universities as a part of their process of admissions into their graduate schools. The GRE can be rather intimidating to prepare for and it may be difficult to do alone. If you want extra assistance in your Charlotte GRE prep, contact Veritas Prep so that we can give you an idea as to what we provide.

The GRE is a computer-based exam and students are given 3 hours and 45 minutes to finish the test. The GRE is made up of three sections, including Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. The Quantitative Reasoning section and the Verbal Reasoning section are graded between 130 and 170 points, while the Analytical Writing section is graded between 0 and 6 points.

Veritas Prep’s Charlotte GRE prep program involves a Charlotte GRE course, which consists of a self-guided study plan. This plan includes a question bank, interactive lessons, and lesson guidebooks. Additionally, students have access to live homework help in an online setting. When a student is having difficulties in a particular subject area, they have access to regular help.

Veritas Prep has a Charlotte GRE class that offers 30 hour of class time during a five-week period. Instructors are confirmed to have performed well on the GRE and can provide tips on how to approach the test, while also helping students go over material that may show up on the exam. Additionally, our GRE class provides access to supplemental material, such as on-demand videos and lesson guidebooks that students can view at any point during the Charlotte GRE preparation.

Our Charlotte GRE prep program can also include studying with Charlotte GRE tutors. Charlotte GRE tutoring can be useful because some students work best when they receive individualized attention. This enables students to work at their own pace and to zero in on any subject areas or sections that they may be struggling with. A personalized tutor can help students find a study strategy that works best for them and help them improve with each tutoring session.

If you have an interest in receiving extra help with your Charlotte GRE prep, contact Veritas Prep either online or over the phone.

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