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Top GRE Courses in New York, NY

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Top GRE Courses in New York, NY

Undergraduate students in New York City who want to continue their academic careers and pursue a master’s degree have a ton of great options. Likewise, professionals who already have degrees and want to return to school to enhance their career opportunities are in the same position. There are thousands of graduate students at Columbia, CUNY Hunter, St. John’s University, CUNY Queens, and other excellent postgraduate institutions. You probably already know that you will need to take the GRE for your application to these schools and many others around the country. This is where Veritas Prep can help you. We offer a New York GRE course that provides you with everything you need for an effective study plan. Reach out to our academic advisors or continue reading below to learn more about how a course can help you.

The GRE consists of a battery of assessments that you will have 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete. You will get two Analytical Writing prompts, two sections of Verbal Reasoning, and two sections of Quantitative Reasoning. Hidden amongst the four total Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections is the Experimental section, which is used to try out new questions for future exams. Unfortunately, you will not know which section is the experimental one, so you’ll have to treat the entire exam as if it counts.

The Veritas Prep New York GRE course is designed specifically for students who feel comfortable studying on their own self-guided path and on their own time. We provide you with a number of tools and resources that you can take advantage of during your studies. This includes our interactive GRE video lessons that you can watch on-demand on any modern Internet-connected device. Paired with these are our detailed lesson books, which you can follow along with as you work through the videos.

Along with our New York GRE course, you will get official homework guides so that you can work through practice questions to drill on topics and get experience with the format of the test. If you have trouble solving any of these practice problems, you can connect to our regularly scheduled live homework help. An instructor there can explain concepts to you and walk you through solutions to your problems.

If you prefer self-guided study on your own schedule but would like to have the right tools for the job, our New York GRE course may be just the thing for you. Reach out to our academic advisors today to learn more and to sign up.

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