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Top GRE Courses in McAllen, TX

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Top GRE Courses in McAllen, TX

Many business schools have used the Graduate Record Examinations, or GRE, to assess prospective students’ abilities. The GRE General Test is 3 hours and 45 minutes long and measures your verbal, quantitative, and writing abilities. If you don’t feel fully prepared, or still have uncertainties regarding your skill set, Veritas Prep provides study options include McAllen GRE courses that are self-guided and available on-demand. Test preparation can give you the edge you need to focus on goals such as getting into business or industry training programs at South Texas College.

The GRE General Test features a Verbal Reasoning section. Scored from 130-170, it requires you to read texts and analyze them, draw conclusions, and apply your reasoning skills with incomplete information. You’ll need to infer the author’s intent, distinguish literal from figurative meanings, and identify the meaning of words and sentences. The Quantitative Reasoning section, also scored from 130-170, covers mathematical skills such as problem solving, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. An Analytical Writing section is designed to gauge your critical thinking abilities and analytical writing skills. You’ll have an opportunity to articulate your ideas and support them with relevant facts and reasoning. It is scored from 0-6.

At Veritas Prep, each McAllen GRE course consists of on-demand video lessons. These are presented in an interactive format and can be accessed on any device, whether you are studying at home on your computer or anywhere else using your tablet or smartphone. Watch each video on your own time and gain valuable insights into preparing for the GRE. You’ll be provided with information about what is covered on the test, as well as guided in improving your study skills and efficiency.

Each video is streamed in HD quality. You can pause it at any time and continue whenever is most convenient. In addition to video lessons, our McAllen GRE course comes with a variety of other tools. These include lesson books, homework guides, and live homework help. The materials provided can familiarize you with the GRE’s content and format so you can work on your abilities and confidence, both of which are important in reaching for your goals.

Veritas Prep provides various means to help improve your performance and focus on streamlining your study skills. With our McAllen GRE course, you can study efficiently, on your own time, and with relevant materials. To learn more, contact an academic advisor by phone or by submitting the form available on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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