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Top GRE Courses in Jackson, MS

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Top GRE Courses in Jackson, MS

If your completed bachelor’s degree has only whet your appetite for more academic knowledge, you may wish to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree at a fine local school such as Belhaven University. The application process is comparable to how you began your undergraduate studies, except that a more challenging test called the GRE (or Graduate Records Examination) replaces the SAT or ACT you’re familiar with. If you want a comprehensive self-study course to help guide your test prep, Veritas Prep offers one of the best Jackson GRE courses in the industry!

The GRE has three sections: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The test’s Analytical Writing section is divided into two separately-timed tasks: an Issue Task and an Argumentative Task. The Issue Task is an informative essay about a topic randomly selected from a list released before test day. The Argumentative Task requires a critical analysis of another author’s argument. The exam’s interface provides some tools to help you (such as a notepad where you can outline your work), but you won’t have a spell checker or the other conveniences offered by word processors.

Once your essays are completed, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning follow in a random order. The Verbal Reasoning section assesses your command of the English language, while Quantitative Reasoning measures your math knowledge. The GRE’s interface includes a calculator you may use on the math sections, but it doesn’t have as many features as some physical calculators.

Our Jackson GRE courses contain interactive lessons, in-depth guidebooks, informative videos, and other materials to help give your independent study some direction. Everything is accessible on your favorite mobile devices, so you can study wherever and whenever you wish. You can also pause a video on one machine and resume it on another for additional flexibility.

Our Jackson GRE course also includes regular access to live homework help. If you have any questions while you work, you can ask a GRE expert for an answer and get a trustworthy response to your query. This is what separates our course from competing products, as you have the ability to study on your own time while maintaining expert advice as necessary.

Veritas Prep offers an extensive catalog of test prep materials, including our on-demand Jackson GRE course. If you would like to learn more about the course or any of the other services we offer, please use the information on this page to contact an academic advisor for more details!

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