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Top GRE Courses in Hartford, CT

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Top GRE Courses in Hartford, CT

If you are looking to apply to Connecticut area graduate programs such as those found at Wesleyan University or the University of Connecticut, a high GRE score may prove beneficial to your application. A Hartford GRE course from Veritas Prep can provide you with great resources so that you can do your best to enter the GRE with confidence.

The GRE is a standardized test devoted to graduate admissions. The test takes place via a computer and consists of three sections. The Analytical Writing section is scored from 0 to 6, and is in essay format. The Quantitative Reasoning section and Verbal Reasoning section are scored in a range from 130 to 170 and are multiple choice. The Quantitative Reasoning section and Verbal Reasoning section each have two subsections. Additionally, one of the subsections in either the Quantitative Reasoning section or Verbal Reasoning section is not scored but is used for experimental purposes. Those taking the test do not know which section is the Experimental section and therefore must treat all sections of the test the same.

A Hartford GRE course is centered around on-demand HD video lessons. You can access these lessons from any place, any time you like. Because you control when you access the lessons, you can learn at your own pace and according to your own needs. You can also rewatch lessons to give yourself extra opportunities to absorb the material. Also, Hartford GRE courses allow you regular access to live homework help. You can talk live with a person who understands the material and can help you through problems that are challenging for you.

Additionally, Hartford GRE courses come with other resources. These resources include lesson books and homework guides. You can augment the learning you do in the videos with these materials to make sure that you get as much from the course as you want to get. For example, if you struggle with questions in the Verbal Reasoning section, you can use the lesson books to gain a better understanding of the concepts and ideas in the section of the exam.

Hartford GRE courses from Veritas Prep give you control over your GRE prep. You control the time, the location, and the pace of your learning. If you want this level on control combined with great resources, expert instruction, and live homework assistance, contact an academic advisor over the phone or online. They will get you started on a Hartford GRE course, and your GRE prep, today.

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