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Top GRE Classes in Washington, DC

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Top GRE Classes in Washington, DC

One of the hardest parts of preparing for any exam can be finding the resources you need to study. Moreover, the GRE is not just any exam. As a common factor in many graduate school admissions, a good GRE score can positively impact your application. This can add a lot of pressure to your GRE preparation. However, if you are applying to schools such as Howard University or Georgetown University, a Washington GRE class can give you the materials you need to prepare, and instruction to make the most of your GRE prep.

The GRE is a three-part, three hour and 45-minute computer-based standardized exam. The sections of the GRE are Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections each feature two subsections. Of these four total subsections, one is an experimental section that is not factored into the score. Test takers do not know which section is the experimental section however, so they need to treat all the sections on the exam equally. The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections are scored from 130 to 170, while the Analytical Writing section is scored from 0 to 6.

Washington GRE classes aim to give you plentiful materials for study to allow you to make choices about how, what, and when you study. Classes are taught by instructors who scored highly on the GRE. The lessons walk you through the main content areas of the GRE, as well as test-taking strategies tailored to the GRE. You and your classmates can ask your instructor questions and practice skills together. These interactions allow the instructor to tailor their instruction to the needs of the class. If the class is struggling with a particular concept, the instructor can take extra time to make sure that everyone understands before moving on.

Also, Washington GRE classes give you access to additional materials. These materials, such as lesson books and homework guides supplement the time spent in class, and give you the option to concentrate more intensively on particular topics of interest. You will also have access to regular live homework help to make sure you understand the homework you are doing.

The benefits of a Washington GRE class from Veritas Prep are available right now. If you believe you can improve your preparation for the GRE with great resources, expert instruction, and flexible class times, contact an academic adviser with Veritas Prep today. They would be glad to help you register for a Washington GRE class.

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