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Top GRE Classes in Springfield, MA

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Top GRE Classes in Springfield, MA

If your completed bachelor’s degree has only piqued your interest in academic knowledge, you may wish to consider pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree. Getting into grad school is comparable to the undergraduate admissions process, except that the Graduate Records Exam (or GRE) replaces the SAT and ACT. The GRE can be a lot more challenging than the test you took in high school, so there’s nothing wrong about seeking a little professional assistance for your exam prep. Veritas Prep can place you in a Springfield GRE class and help you work toward your academic goals!

The GRE only has three sections: Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. The Analytical Writing portion consists of two essays. First, you need to write an informative piece about a topic from a list released before the exam. While you won’t know exactly what you are writing about beforehand, you will have a chance to prepare for several potential topics. The other essay is an argumentative piece critiquing an argument provided. You won’t have any advance notice for this one, but our Springfield GRE class covers everything the graders are likely to look for.

The GRE Quantitative Reasoning section measures your math skills. If you haven’t worked with numbers since your high school days, rest assured that our Springfield GRE class includes a comprehensive review of everything you might need to know. Likewise, the Verbal Reasoning section covers English skills such as vocabulary and word choice.

Your Springfield GRE class will be taught by an expert instructor who earned a top score on the test, making them a gold mine of practical test-taking tips, insight into the exam’s structure, and the material most likely to be covered. Our exclusive innovative online classroom also facilitates real-time interaction with your classmates, allowing for a collaborative learning environment.

We know you’re tight on time, so we offer several Springfield GRE classes simultaneously to help you find one that meets your scheduling needs. Every class also comes with our self-study GRE course so that you can study whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself. You get practice questions, official homework guides, and interactive lessons to make your solo-study time as productive as possible. There is also a live homework help tool if you have any questions that just can’t wait for an answer.

Whether you would like to attend a local school such as Western New England University or an institution outside of the state, a great score on the GRE can help you pursue success. Contact an academic advisor today for more information!

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