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Top GRE Classes in Rochester, NY

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Top GRE Classes in Rochester, NY

Graduate programs, such as the ones offered by the University of Rochester or Roberts Wesleyan College, often expect applicants to submit an admissions test score from an exam like the GRE, or the Graduate Record Exam. If you’re preparing for this test, considering studying with a top-scoring instructor through a Rochester GRE class by Veritas Prep.

You should expect to spend about three hours and 45 minutes on the GRE. The test has three sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. The prior two sections have a grading scale of 130-170 while the Analytical Writing section offers a score between 0 and 6. The exam is administered over computer or paper. You will need to demonstrate a variety of skills, including complex thinking, data analysis, and reading comprehension.

A live Rochester GRE class can serve as a valuable resource to students who enjoy learning in groups. Along with other students preparing for this exam, you can participate in 30 hours of learning across five weeks. Each class is conducted online via an interactive classroom. Your instructor has taken the GRE in the past and earned a top score. They have the knowledge necessary to support you as you prepare for the test. They can demonstrate different approaches to the exam, walk you through the format, and go over the section requirements thoroughly. Your teacher may offer examples of problems you’ll see on the test to help you feel more comfortable about the content.

Your instructor can introduce you to strategies that they picked up during their own GRE prep. They can demonstrate strategies that can help you manage your time, as well as any test-related stress. You may even spend class time taking practice exams, allowing you and your instructor to address areas that need further study.

Along with Rochester GRE classes, you can enjoy access to a wide range of self-study materials that can bolster your independent studies at home. You have full access to various on-demand interactive lesson videos, which you can download or stream from any device with internet access. You can peruse comprehensive lesson guides that review test-specific content, as well as a homework guide. You can even get in touch with an instructor who can explain the material to you.

If you’re interested in taking your test prep efforts to a new level, get in touch with a Veritas Prep academic advisor to learn more information about the Rochester GRE classes that are available to you.

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