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Top GRE Classes in Charleston, SC

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Top GRE Classes in Charleston, SC

If you’re preparing to apply to a graduate school, such as the Graduate School of the University of Charleston, you will likely need to take an advanced admissions exam, such as the GRE. The GRE, or the Graduate Record Exam, is a test that spans Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning sections. You’ll be assessed on a variety of academic disciplines such as mathematics and reading comprehension. The Analytical Writing portion scores between 0 and 6, while the remaining offer 130 to 170 points each. Veritas Prep offers Charleston GRE classes that can provide the expert instruction and guidance that you need to feel confident as you prepare for the GRE.

Led by a top-scoring instructor, Charleston GRE classes are held entirely online through an innovative virtual classroom. Over five weeks, you’ll enjoy 30 hours of study alongside fellow classmates and an instructor who has been in your shoes. They will take you through a comprehensive approach to each section of the exam. Whether you’re struggling to recall certain math skills, or you need to work on your time management, your instructor can demonstrate strategies that can bolster your confidence. Classes are held at concurrent times, allowing students with varying schedules to find a time that works for them.

A Charleston GRE class provides students access to an expert instructor who has accomplished top scores on the exam. They can walk you through the format of the exam, introduce independent study skills that can benefit you outside of class, and review specific concepts that you or your fellow classmates need.

In addition to your classes, you can enjoy access to a variety of self-study materials. You can explore on-demand HD interactive lesson videos that review content covered in sections of the exam, test-taking techniques, and other information. In addition, you can explore comprehensive lesson books and homework guides that can support you as you study at home. You can even interact with a live instructor for help if you run into problems as you work.

Investing the additional time to work with a Charleston GRE class can provide benefits well beyond the exam. Building your study and testing skills are a critical component to your success on many exams. You can build your knowledge of the exam and its materials through a combination of live and online learning resources.

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