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Top GRE Classes in Cape Coral, FL

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Top GRE Classes in Cape Coral, FL

For those looking to pursue a graduate degree, the GRE, or Graduate Record Examinations, is one step toward getting into the graduate school of their choice. Approaching a comprehensive, standardized exam of this nature can be a challenging and daunting task for anyone. If you are looking to take the GRE but would like some help with your preparations, a Cape Coral GRE class could be just the thing for you. Veritas Prep is here to provide everything you need to feel fully prepared on exam day.

The GRE is a computer-based test that consists of Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning sections. The Analytical Writing section is scored on a scale from 0 to 6, while the other two sections are scored from 130 to 170. One portion of either the Verbal Reasoning or Quantitative Reasoning section is not scored and is instead used for informational purposes. This portion is not identified to the test-taker, so they must treat all parts of the test equally. Students are given 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the entire exam.

Veritas Prep’s Cape Coral GRE class includes 30 hours of live instruction in a virtual classroom over the course of five weeks. Your instructor will be someone who has taken the GRE themselves before and is verified to have scored highly on the test. This experience is invaluable not only in helping you learn the proper material but also for sharing tips and strategies on how to attack each section.

In addition, the Cape Coral GRE class will provide you with a variety of online resources that can be worked through at your convenience. These include lesson books and homework guides that can familiarize you with how the exam is formatted. Interactive lessons can be streamed or downloaded in HD anywhere that you have an internet connection. With all of these tools at your disposal, you will have the benefit of live instruction from a GRE prep expert as well as the flexibility to study the supplementary material at a time and pace that works best with your schedule.

If Cape Coral GRE classes sound like something that could be beneficial as you approach exam day, feel free to contact a Veritas Prep academic advisor by phone or by filling out the form located on this page. Prepare for and approach the GRE with confidence after taking part in one of these classes.

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