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Top GRE Classes in Buffalo, NY

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Top GRE Classes in Buffalo, NY

If you’re currently attending a college or university in the Buffalo area, you might have thoughts of jumping right into grad school at a local school like the University at Buffalo or Buffalo State after your finish. Or maybe you’re someone who went to college some time ago and joined the workforce, but now you’re thinking about returning for a master’s degree. Whatever your reasons and whatever school you aspire to attend, the GRE could be in your future. This exam is used by graduate admissions offices to predict how a candidate might do in their advanced degree programs. In fact, many schools require a GRE score for consideration. For these reasons, you’ll want to prepare well for the exam. Veritas Prep is ready to help by getting you into one of our Buffalo GRE classes.

The GRE challenges your knowledge and skills with two sections each of Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning as well as two Analytical Writing responses. The Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning also include a portion of the exam that is experimental, but you won’t know what part that is. Luckily, this portion is not graded. Portions of the exam use computer-adaptive testing, meaning that you may not see the same questions as the next test-taker based on relative performance.

Veritas Prep’s Buffalo GRE classes place you in our innovative online classroom with a set of classmates and an instructor who achieved a high score on the test. You get 30 hours of class time over 6 weeks to learn about the details of the GRE, including an in-depth review of concepts on the exam and insights into strategies you can use to maximize your score. Just like a real classroom, you can speak up in class to ask questions and share ideas with your classmates.

Our Buffalo GRE classes are convenient because we offer several sections. You can sign up for a section that meets at a time that matches your schedule. Also, when you sign up for a class section, we provide you with a set of valuable self-study tools you can use to get extra test prep outside of class. You get interactive video lessons that you can stream on demand, lesson guides, and official homework guides. You can also attend homework help sessions to get help with any practice problems you can’t solve on your own.

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