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Top GRE Classes in Bridgeport, CT

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Top GRE Classes in Bridgeport, CT

The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is one method graduate schools use to assess your personal abilities before making a decision on admissions. Graduate and business schools often look at your GRE General Test scores. This exam is unique among standardized admissions tests in that you can skip questions, choose to answer the ones you want to first, or even change your previous answers. However you approach the GRE, preparation is essential. With the Bridgeport GRE class from Veritas Prep, you receive live instruction from an expert who has scored high on the exam. They’ve been in your shoes and know what it takes to reach for your goals.

The GRE has a Verbal Reasoning section with various reading materials from which you will need to analyze and draw conclusions, determine the author’s intent, identify literal and figurative meaning, as well as prove you understand words, sentences, and texts. The Quantitative Reasoning section covers arithmetic, algebra, data analysis, and geometry and requires you to use mathematical models to solve problems. Both sections are scored from 130-170. An Analytical Writing section, scored from 0-6, measures your critical thinking and analytical writing skills, as well as your ability to explain complex ideas and provide supporting evidence.

Over five weeks, our Bridgeport GRE class covers 30 hours of material delivered by a live instructor. Class content covers the exam format and effective test strategies, such as drafting an outline to organize your thoughts. Test conditions are simulated as well, complete with electronic practice tests. In addition to interactive streaming HD videos, on-demand video lessons, homework guides, and other materials that come with our courses are also available.

During each Bridgeport GRE class, each section of the exam is covered in detail. Multiple sessions are run concurrently. Therefore, you may have several options to find a class that suits your scheduling requirements. You don’t have to miss out on opportunities to learn, hone your study skills, and receive ample practice ahead of the exam.

Develop your test-taking skills and confidence by signing up for a Bridgeport GRE class with Veritas Prep. To learn more about our expert-led Bridgeport GRE classes, contact an academic advisor by phone or email and they will help you decide if this online classroom format is right for you. Also, feel free to use the contact form featured on this page. We’re looking forward to helping you focus on reaching for your GRE score goals.

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