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Top GRE Classes in Atlanta, GA

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Top GRE Classes in Atlanta, GA

Getting an advanced degree can create many opportunities for students. Whether you are planning on attending business school, graduate school, or law school, the applications process is an important step towards attending your dream school. Admissions exams such as the GRE can boost your chances of standing out during the process. If you are considering taking the GRE, and you would like some help preparing, Veritas Prep can help you. Consider signing up for an Atlanta GRE class to help you perform your best on test day.

The GRE is the only college admissions exam that allows students to skip questions within a section, and go back and change answers, so you will have control of your test-taking experience. The exam has three sections that include Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. You will have a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete it. Your skills will be tested in data analysis, understanding the meaning of words, understanding how to interpret and analyze quantitative information, and more. An Atlanta GRE class can help you learn about the format and timing of the test.

Classes are held online in innovative virtual classrooms with skilled and knowledgeable instructors. Atlanta GRE classes are held for five weeks and consist of 30 hours of live instruction. The classes run concurrently, so you can choose what time to attend one. Your instructor can help you pin down the timing on each section. For example, you only get 30 minutes for each task in the Analytical section, your instructor can teach you how to move through the section efficiently.

You will have access to many self-study materials including interactive video lessons, detailed lesson books, and homework guides.You can use all of these resources to gain familiarity with the format of the exam so that you can feel more comfortable with it.

Investing in an Atlanta GRE class allows you to focus on your understanding of the material you will see on the exam, identify and focus on your most significant opportunities to maximize your score, and develop your own strategies for the format and timing of each section. With all of the training and tools provided by an Atlanta GRE class, you can walk into exam day feeling more confident and ready to perform at your best.

If you want to learn more about the Atlanta GRE classes, please contact an academic advisor from Veritas Prep today. You will find a convenient contact form on this page or use the number also on this page. We are looking forward to helping you from day one of your GRE prep up through exam day.

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