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Talking with the Testmaker
Lawrence M. Rudner, PhD

At Veritas Prep, we’ve long been fans of the philosophy “Think Like the Testmaker”, encouraging students to consider the GMAT from the perspective of the authors of the exam: why are they asking the questions they’re asking; what thought processes are they rewarding; what mistakes are they setting you up for? In this “Talking with the Testmaker” series, we take that philosophy a step further by talking with the testmaker himself, Dr. Lawrence Rudner, the former chief psychometrician at the Graduate Management Admissions Council. In this video series, Dr. Rudner talks with our Vice President of Academics, Brian Galvin, to share important insights about how the GMAT is administered and scored.

Lawrence M. Rudner - GMAT Talks

The Myth of the First 10 Questions

Talking with the Testmaker series (1 out of 20)

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