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Sara Boehm

One of Veritas Prep’s highest-rated instructors worldwide, as reviewed by her many students, Sara can attribute that honor to her passions for higher education and for helping others. Having been valedictorian at Centre College, where she earned degrees in Economics and Mathematics, Sara earned her MBA at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated with honors. Nowadays in Los Angeles, she teaches for Veritas Prep by night and by day serves as founder/CEO of Essential Engagement Services, a company that guides families through relocation. Fortunately you won’t need to relocate to benefit from Sara’s classes: as a Live Online instructor, she’ll stream right to you.

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Hear from Sara Boehm's recent students

I think Sarah is such a great instructor and person. She genuinely cared about our preparation for the test and our post graduate school aspirations. I had to drive every weekend from Santa Barbara but I knew it would be worth it because Sarah never disappointed!"
- Steven Nelson

Sara was great! Not only did she always check in with each of the students to ensure that we were understanding her explanations, but she was incredibly patient and clear in her instruction."
- Stefanie Ju

Sarah was phenomenal and so positive even on nights where it was clear that our class was simply not in the mood for GMAT prep or simply exhausted. She was very thorough and created an environment that made you comfortable to ask questions to understand the material. My experience with Sarah was absolutely phenomenal. The fact that Sarah actually went to business school served as a huge benefit as well. She was incredibly knowledgeable about not only the GMAT but also all aspects of the business school process and experience. Overall I am very pleased with Sarah's instruction." - Martha Wolday

Sara is very responsive, knowledgeable about the subject matter, and an effective teacher. Highly recommend her!" - Kyle Sausser

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