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Ravi Sreerama

Ravi holds the distinction of being the single highest-rated GMAT instructor in the world on GMAT Club. The holder of degrees from the UC-Berkeley (BS), USC (JD), and UCLA (MBA) is revered for his “99th percentile or bust” teaching philosophy and beloved for the notable catchphrases that guide students through challenging test-day problems, Ravi blends a challenging classroom environment with personalized attention. An avid basketball player, Ravi has traded the borrowed mantle “the Wizard of Westwood” for the broader reach of “the Oracle of Online” in the GMAT space, embracing the Live Online format that allows him to reach students around the world with his tough-but-fair GMAT approach.

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Hear from Ravi Sreerama's recent students

Ravi was an amazing teacher. I have never enjoyed online courses, always preferring lectures. Ravi brought the material to me through blackboard in a dynamic way that made me feel like I was sitting with him in a class. A great teacher!!! If anyone I knew was to take the same class I would tell them they had to have Ravi no matter what." - Ian Mogavero

Upon completion of my course with Ravi, it was easy to see why he has won so many accolades in the GMAT prep world. Ravi is truly the best GMAT teacher in the world. I would highly recommend him." - Andrew McCormick

Ravi is the best among the teachers I've had in my life till now. His teaching style is amazing. He keeps the class highly motivated and energetic. I loved his sense of humor during class which kept the class lively and lovely. He handles questions well and he cares very much about his student's progress and success. I would say go for Ravi... you will enjoy your GMAT Journey." - Murali MP

The price I paid for this course was entirely worth it because of Ravi's incredible teaching ability and style. The entire program was just great -- from beautiful textbooks and supplies to convenient online resources and progress trackers. I am not someone who naturally wakes up early on weekends, but I gladly woke up every Saturday and Sunday for six weeks because I looked forward to class! Thank you!" - Tiffany Liu

Ravi is one of the best instructors I' ve ever had. I've held off applying to grad school for years because of my fear of the GMAT, but I feel very comfortable going into the test thanks to Ravi's excellent lessons and ability to motivate." - Craig Lin

Ravi, our instructor was by far one of the best instructors I've ever had if not the best. Pointed us in the right direction and convinced us that GMAT is all about the mindset and strategies." - Shadab Ahmad

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