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Get hours of free GMAT practice immediately, with hundreds of realistic GMAT questions written by veteran test prep instructors. See how other GMAT students answered each problem and track your ability level over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really free to use? What’s the catch?
Yes, it is 100% free, and there is no catch! As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the most accurate measurement for our GMAT students, we continually create and evaluate new GMAT practice questions. Many of these questions will eventually make their way into Veritas Prep GMAT practice tests. By answering these practice questions, you help us evaluate and refine these items, ultimately making our practice tests better.

How many questions are in the GMAT Question Bank?
The number varies over time as new questions are created, some are moved from this tool to our computer-adaptive practice tests, and others are retired. The GMAT Question Bank currently contains hundreds of realistic GMAT practice questions, and we will keep adding new ones, although the number of questions will vary over time.

Are these official GMAT questions?
The only source for official GMAT questions is the Graduate Management Admission Council, which produces The Official Guide for GMAT Review and the GMATPrep application. The questions in the GMAT Question Bank were created by Veritas Prep GMAT instructors and course authors, and have been designed to measure students’ higher-order thinking skills in the same way official GMAT questions do.

What kinds of practice questions are in the GMAT Question Bank?
The GMAT Question Bank includes all five question types that you find in the adaptive parts of the GMAT: In the Verbal section there are Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension questions, and in the Quantitative section there are Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency questions. It also contains Integrated Reasoning questions!

Is the Veritas Prep GMAT Question Bank adaptive?
The GMAT Question Bank is not adaptive. It randomly serves you practice questions based on the question types you select at the start of each quiz. For an adaptive testing experience, sign up for our free computer-adaptive GMAT practice test.

Can I buy access to Veritas Prep’s GMAT practice tests?
In addition to the free GMAT practice test that we offer to everyone, you can buy six more computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests for $49, for a total of seven tests. These tests use the same adaptive system that powers the Veritas Prep students’ practice tests!

Will I ever see the same question twice?
A person with one account will only see a given practice question one time. Once you complete that question, the system knows that you have answered it, and you will not see the question again. You will always be able to go back and review your performance on a given question on the "Your Practice Quizzes" page in your account.

Why do I need to register to use the GMAT Question Bank?
Registering for an account allows you to come back and log in again, review your progress, and continue your GMAT practice over time.

Will you sell my information to anyone else?
Never. We simply collect your information to create an account for you and let you log in again later.

Do you use official GMAT questions?
While Veritas Prep GMAT course students frequently supplement their study resources with official GMAT questions, our practice tests only include questions that were created by the Veritas Prep team. For practice tests using official GMAT questions, we recommend GMAC’s free GMAT Prep software, which gives you two full-length practice tests from the organization that runs the GMAT.

Where do the questions in these tests come from?
Every question in our GMAT practice tests was written by experienced Veritas Prep GMAT instructors. They have been designed to measure students’ higher-order thinking skills in the same way official GMAT questions do. Each question is administered to thousands of GMAT students in our GMAT Question Bank and is confirmed as a valid item before being used in a Veritas Prep practice test.

Will I see the same question more than once?
Once you answer a question, Veritas Prep’s practice test system knows that you have answered it, and you will not see the question again. As long as you use the same account, you will never see the same question twice. You will always be able to go back and review your performance on past tests and questions.

Can I reset my GMAT practice tests once I have completed them?
Yes, when you purchase access to all seven practice tests, you are able to reset your tests after you have completed all seven tests. Please note that resetting the practice tests will release all questions – including those that you have previously seen – back into the eligible pool for your tests. Because your reset tests will then feature some problems you have seen before, your practice tests scores will fluctuate more than normal.

Where do I begin if I am just getting started with my GMAT prep?
You’re in the right place! In addition to signing up for our free practice test, take a look around our site. We have compiled many GMAT resources, including our blog and a comprehensive list of everything you should know about the GMAT.

Can I get access to your practice tests without enrolling in a test prep course?
Veritas Prep sells access to six GMAT practice tests for $15 (in addition to the one free test available on this page).

How do I register for the official GMAT exam?
You can find available dates and testing centers and schedule your exam on

How are these different from other GMAT practice tests?
Veritas Prep’s practice tests are built on a platform that employs Item Response Theory (IRT), the same system underlying the real GMAT. Unlike more basic approaches that simply count correct and incorrect responses and then generate a score, IRT recognizes that no two GMAT questions are exactly the same. What question you receive at any given point on a test will be dictated by how well you have performed up to that point, and how you answer that question will impact your ability estimate and help determine which question you see next. The system also takes “content balancing” into account, ensuring that you see a mix of question types that are representative of what you will see on the real GMAT, all while gathering as much information about your ability level as possible.

What kind of data goes into these tests to make sure they’re accurate?
Every one of our GMAT questions must be validated across thousands of responses from hundreds of students before it is added to a Veritas Prep practice exam. Veritas Prep has collected more than one million responses from tens of thousands of GMAT students, via both the GMAT Question Bank and by using experimental questions in our computer-adaptive tests (just as the real GMAT collects data). In fact, Veritas Prep collects more than 50,000 new responses each week! Each item is not just validated once, but is constantly recalibrated based on new data. Veritas Prep also regularly measures its practice tests’ scores against the Official GMAT by collecting student feedback, ensuring that its practice exam scores are very close to those generated by the real test.

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