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GMAT ON DEMAND includes Diagnostic Test, Interactive video lessons, 12 practice tests, 5,000+ practice problems
Self Study
Self study with an expert team beside you. Includes:
  • Diagnostic Test
  • Interactive video lessons
  • 12 practice tests
  • 5,000+ practice problems
  • Live instructor help daily
  • 1 year of full-access
  • Free Admissions Consultation
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GMAT ON DEMAND PLUS includes everything in GMAT On Demand plus Identify strengths and weaknesses, Build a personalized study plan to maximize results
Self-Study + Tutoring
Everything in GMAT On Demand, PLUS: 3 hours of tutoring from a 99th percentile GMAT instructor who will:
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Build a personalized study plan to maximize results
  • Free Admissions Consultation
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Everything in GMAT On Demand, PLUS 7 Hours Consulting, Personalized MBA Game Plan assessment, Interview prep
Self-Study + Admissions
Everything in GMAT On Demand, PLUS:
  • 7 Hours Consulting
  • Personalized MBA Game Plan™ assessment
  • Essay editing
  • Interview prep
  • Resumes and more
  • Free Admissions Consultation
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There are many reasons that you might want to self-study for the GMAT exam as opposed to taking a GMAT preparation class or availing one-on-one GMAT tutoring. GMAT self-preparation allows you to learn at your own pace, spending more time on the topics that you need the most work on and less time on the GMAT skills that you’ve already mastered. And creating your own GMAT study plan allows you to study on your schedule, a nice benefit for those with hectic work schedules, travel calendars, and social lives. GMAT self-study also tends to be more affordable than tutoring or classroom instruction, so those who feel capable of preparing themselves for the GMAT can save money by doing so, too.

However, GMAT self-study comes with some drawbacks that you should consider when thinking about self-preparing for the exam. Without a fixed meeting time, it is easy to procrastinate and fall behind on your GMAT study plan. GMAT self-study also typically means that a student is foregoing the kind of expert GMAT guidance and insight that they might gain from a class or tutor. So it is important when determining your plan for GMAT self-study that you think about how you will hold yourself accountable to your study plan and that you seek out programs that include expert guidance - and interaction - part of their GMAT self-preparation option.

The Veritas Prep GMAT On Demand service is designed to give GMAT self-study student all the advantages of self-preparation - its efficiency, flexibility, and affordability - without sacrificing expert guidance, insight, or motivation. Whether you’re trying to fit your GMAT study regimen in to a busy schedule, you feel that you can handle most of the GMAT content on your own, or you’re trying to make GMAT prep more budget-friendly, here are some of the reasons that Veritas Prep GMAT On Demand may be a perfect fit for your GMAT self-study plan.

Expert, Engaging Video Lessons

A common drawback of GMAT self-study is that the content - and many of the available books or video lessons - can be dry and demotivating. Veritas Prep On Demand, however, is designed to both educate and entertain, with no single video segment more than 30 minutes long so that you can feel accomplished in small doses, and in many cases become addicted and spend much more time studying than you had intended. These GMAT self-study lessons stress the ideology of “Learning By Doing,” eschewing didactic lecture and instead enlisting you as a partner in solving difficult problems while you review core content and learn essential GMAT strategies. Hosted by Brian Galvin - Veritas Prep’s Chief Academic Officer and curriculum co-author - and Lissette Padilla, these self-study lessons hook students from the beginning and leave them feeling like they’re part of a team ready to “Think Like the Testmaker” and conquer the GMAT on test day.

“The quality of the videos, and the presenters' humour, creates a fun environment from which you walk away with a thorough and deep-rooted understanding of both the content and challenges of the GMAT, and the tools to tackle even the hardest GMAT questions.” -from a 5-star review of Veritas Prep On Demand.

Personalized Guidance Whenever You Need It

While Veritas Prep On Demand is ideal for GMAT self-study, it isn’t entirely a self-study program - help is never more than a click away. The On Demand program comes with two hours of live online “office hours” each day, featuring a live instructor in an online classroom ready to help you with homework questions, study plans, or general GMAT strategy and advice. And if you have a question that can’t wait for the next live session, there is an instructor messaging portal via which you’ll receive an answer to your pressing GMAT questions within 24 hours. So while you may choose self-preparation for the GMAT, with Veritas Prep On Demand you’re never truly alone all by yourself: this self-study program gives you a team of experts to back you up.

“I also very much enjoyed the "office hours" that were held each night. These let me interact with a real human and walk through any issues I was having just as I would in a brick-and-mortar classroom. Additionally, it allowed me to interact with other students and get a sense of what was giving them problems as to better prepare myself for the exam.” - from a 5-star review of Veritas Prep On Demand.

Comprehensive Self-Study Resources

One of the primary benefits of GMAT self-study is that it allows you to focus on the areas of the exam where you need the most work - but that’s only possible if your GMAT self-preparation program includes enough resources to allow you to keep going. Fortunately Veritas Prep GMAT On Demand is a one-stop shop full of GMAT preparation resources. You’ll have full access to twelve computer-adaptive practice tests, twelve full-length lesson books with detailed strategy guidance and full homework sets, thousands of additional practice problems in the Veritas Prep Question Bank, daily live online office hours for meetings with elite GMAT tutors, and much, much more.

Some featured GMAT study resources include:

  • GMAT practice tests. Veritas Prep’s practice tests were created in consultation with Dr. Lawrence Rudner, formerly the Chief Psychometrician at the Graduate Management Admission Council itself. Administered and scored using Item Response Theory adaptivity, these tests provide not only an authentic testing experience and score but also detailed diagnostic reports to help you determine what path your GMAT self-study program needs to take next.
  • Skillbuilder lessons. In addition to Veritas Prep’s twelve advanced GMAT strategy lessons, Veritas Prep On Demand includes “Skillbuilder” foundational lessons for each major GMAT topic. Whether you know in advance that you need to refresh rusty math or grammar skills as part of your GMAT self-study, or you recognize as you get in to a lesson that you’ve not quite as adept as you had predicted, these lessons leave no stone unturned in breaking down the basics and giving you plenty of drill work to return your muscle memory to where it needs to be.
  • Live Online Office Hours. Two hours per day, every day, an expert GMAT tutor is waiting to answer your questions, ensuring that while your method of GMAT preparation may be self-study, you’re never truly on an island by yourself.
  • Practice problems. Your Veritas Prep On Demand self-study program comes with thousands of practice problems, each with a detailed, strategic solution to help you learn from your mistakes...or just get faster at what you’re already doing well so that you save time for where you need it on test day.
  • AWA Essay review. With Veritas Prep On Demand, you can submit two AWA essay drafts for grading and commentary from a former AWA essay grader who will show you what you would score today...and how to get a perfect 6.0 on test day.

Learning By Doing

An issue with any kind of GMAT self-study is that it can be dry, boring skill coverage covered by a monotone instructor. Not with Veritas Prep On Demand! Here, the name of the game is Learning By Doing: every lesson includes challenge-level problems designed to keep you on your toes within each section, and involving you in the discovery process of solving difficult GMAT problems. If you self-study using Interactive Mode, the videos will force you to attempt the problem before your instructors Brian and Lissette jump in to assist you. On Demand self-studiers routinely report that these lessons prompt them to think, laugh, and otherwise participate - even when they’re merely sitting at home by themselves doing problems in front of a video.

Think Like the Testmaker

Veritas Prep On Demand is not merely a self-study tool that reviews the basic skills required for the GMAT - it’s designed to provide insightful, strategic guidance that you can’t find anywhere but with a veteran GMAT expert. On a test like the GMAT - which is designed to test critical thinking skills even more so than merely math or verbal skills - this type of insight in to trap answers, unleveraged clues, and common mistakes can be a massive advantage for self-study students. For example, you’ll learn the signals that a Data Sufficiency problem is trapping people into choosing a “less sufficient” answer, and that a Sentence Correction problem is trying to get you to focus on “false Decision Points.” Having taught and tutored for over 10,000 hours, the host of Veritas Prep On Demand, Brian, brings his pattern recognition from watching thousands of students make thousands of mistakes to help you learn not just from your GMAT mistakes, but from everyone else’s mistakes too.

Veritas Prep On Demand Syllabus

Lesson One: Foundations of GMAT Logic. In this lesson you will learn the core tenets of GMAT critical thinking, picking up on the subtle precision-in-language techniques that the GMAT testmaker uses to toe the thin line between correct and incorrect.

Lesson Two: Arithmetic. Don’t let the benign title fool you: this lesson is among the most challenging in the quantitative canon, providing you with insight to the non-calculator nature of the GMAT and making you an expert on percents, ratios, factors and multiples, and number properties.

Lesson Three: Critical Reasoning. In this lesson you’ll learn the SWIM classification of GMAT Critical Reasoning question types along with detailed strategies to attack - not just answer - each type of question.

Lesson Four: Algebra. In this lesson, you will break down key algebra concepts like quadratics, inequalities, exponents, and roots, and show you the common mistakes that come with working quickly with GMAT algebra...including the mistakes most preyed-upon by Data Sufficiency questions.

Lesson Five: Sentence Correction. This lesson shows you the Decision Points strategy for attacking Sentence Correction using logic and a handful of repetitively-tested grammar rules.

Lesson Six: Geometry. This lesson deconstructs the geometry concepts necessary for GMAT success, and demonstrates how these concepts are commonly tested in creative ways.

Lesson Seven: Reading Comprehension. This lesson details the STOP strategy for reading RC passages and breaks down the RC question types with actionable strategies for each.

Lesson Eight: Data Sufficiency. This lesson takes you inside the testmaker’s mind showing you the “Leverage Assets” and “Play Devil’s Advocate” strategies to avoid trap answers and properly leverage (admittedly well-hidden) clues.

Lesson Nine: Advanced Verbal Strategy. In this lesson, you will learn all about thinking like the GMAT testmaker, leveraging important hints, and recognizing common traps on Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction, and Reading Comprehension.

Lesson Ten: Statistics & Combinatorics. This lesson breaks down key concepts in Statistics, Combinatorics, and Probability, and demonstrates how the GMAT uniquely tests each category.

Lesson Eleven: Word Problems. This lesson details your general Word Problems toolkit and deconstructs the most commonly tested word problem types: work/rate, Venn diagram, min/max, and weighted average.

Lesson Twelve: Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment. This lesson provides strategic guidance for both the AWA essay and the Integrated Reasoning section, spanning all four IR question types: Table Analysis, Graphics Interpretation, Two-Part Analysis, and Multi-Source Reasoning.

Ready to get started?

Veritas Prep GMAT On Demand is the ultimate GMAT self-study resource for students who have busy schedules or who prefer to study at their own pace on their own time. With expert, strategic guidance, a suite of comprehensive GMAT resources, and easy access to live experts when you need it, Veritas Prep On Demand has everything you need to successfully self study toward the GMAT score you want. Contact our GMAT course advisors by phone or complete the self-checkout form above to get started on your GMAT self-preparation today!

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