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Veritas Prep GMAT On Demand is a comprehensive all-online, self-paced prep course taught by Head Instructor Brian Galvin. For seven days you can try out Veritas Prep GMAT On Demand™ for free. No commitment necessary (we will not ask for your credit card information). Watch the video to learn more about it.

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What’s included with your free GMAT On Demand trial

One free full-length computer-adaptive GMAT practice test
The entire Critical Reasoning On Demand lesson video (1 hour, 36 minutes)
The entire Foundations of GMAT Logic On Demand lesson video (2 hours, 44 minutes)
More than 100 GMAT Practice problems and detailed solutions
The entire Arithmetic On Demand lesson video (2 hours, 26 minutes)
Free resources to help you with your business school applications

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“The On Demand course in general is extremely thorough and really focuses on teaching you how to think like the GMAT test makers. It opened my eyes to the strategy that is required to do well on this test instead of just studying and memorizing content. I would recommend any version of this course through Veritas Prep to those looking for a GMAT Prep course.”

- Phil Y.   Raleigh, NC