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Students fly in from all over the world to attend this 1-week intensive GMAT Immersion Course. You will be joining a team of highly motivated, successful, serious MBA applicants to conquer a test together and hold each other accountable. Students also get together in the evenings to study or spend their lunch breaks discussing their application strategy. This intense focus yields subconscious breakthroughs and enhanced performance.
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Teaching the Immersion Course is considered an honor and a reward for the top Veritas Prep instructors. Your instructor will spend the whole week focused entirely on you and your classmates, with a single goal in mind: getting you fully prepared for the GMAT. Enroll in an Immersion Course if you’re looking for the absolute best of the best of GMAT prep instructors and you want to be surrounded by the most motivated business school applicants.

Chris Kane, Veteran Veritas Prep GMAT Instructor
I learned more in one week than in two months of self-study. And had way more fun!
- Alex Young, NYC Immersion Course student, GMAT score: 730

On the 7th day...
We do not rest.

The Immersion Course runs from Sunday to Saturday. Students meet for two 3-hour classes each day for six of the days. Wednesdays are dedicated to one-on-one work with your instructor. Your instructor will be in the classroom all day tutoring you and your fellow students on any areas with which you want some extra help. You will master the first half of the course before you move on to the most advanced classes.

  • 36 hours of live, instructor-led class time
  • 12 GMAT lesson booklets
  • 12 computer adaptive practice tests
  • Online student account with study plan
  • 3,000 practice problems and solutions, including video
  • Live homework help 7 days a week for a year
  • Every lesson pre-recorded in HD for review
  • Bonus: One day of working 1-on-1 with your instructor

Once the week is over, your engagement with Veritas Prep still continues for as long as you need it. For a full year you have access to the instructor helpline seven days a week, videos of every lesson, thousands of practice problems, and much, much more. See what else you get »


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June 4 - June 10

Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
9am - 4pm
109 East 42nd Street
Manhattan, NY 10017
In person: Immersion Course | $1,650 or 3 payments of $567

July 30 - August 5

Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
9am - 4pm
17-18 Upper Woburn Place
London, Greater London WC1H 0HT
In person: Immersion Course | $1,650 or 3 payments of $567

Jun 4 - Jun 10 Su/M/T/W/Th/F/S 9am - 4pm

Dave Halliday

Jul 30 - Aug 5 Su/M/T/W/Th/F/S 9am - 4pm

Anthony Ritz
BA, Stanford
MBA, Yale
What do you love about teaching?
I love two things: the aha moments when students get a core concept and getting word from former students that they beat their target score.  In the classroom it's easy to tell whether students are getting it: frowns get turned upside down and faces brighten.  Online, this can be a bit tougher to gauge.  Students tend to be a bit reticent, so I'll usually interpret yeah.... as sign that we need to go over the material one more time.  If I get back an exclamation point or an emoticon, that's when I know the class has it!

Which movie/TV character would do best on the GMAT and why?
It's a common misperception that Sherlock Holmes only uses deductive logic.  While his skills of deduction would allow him to wreck shop on Inference and Data Sufficiency questions, that alone doesn't guarantee a top GMAT score.  He also commonly uses inductive logic - creating and testing hypotheses while gathering facts to narrow down the range of possible solutions to a crime.  This would give him an edge on gap-spotting on Strengthen/Weaken problems, finding the purpose in Reading Comprehension questions, and narrowing down the possible strategies for Problem Solving questions.  If Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Jonny Lee Miller (Elementary) went head-to-head, I think the more socially unaware portrayal by Cumberbatch would win because he would never let his intuition get in the way of his logic.

Real reviews

He was great!
I really enjoy classes with Dave, he was clear with his explanation and always tried to address the topics in a way that all of us could understand. He was great!

Great instructor. 
Dave Halliday was a great instructor.  He was passionate about making sure everyone is on the same page and understands the questions perfectly.

I highly highly recommend Dave Halliday.
Dave Halliday is one of the best instructors i have come across in my life. He makes sure that entire class understands the course (each and every topic). His experiences, his teaching methods and always there to answer the questions with a lot of patience are few qualities of him, that makes him outstanding. I would recommend everyone if they get a chance, to be part of his class. I highly highly recommend Dave Halliday.

BS, Georgia Tech
JD, Georgetown
Which is your favorite lesson to teach?
There are a number of great Veritas Prep lessons, but the Arithmetic lesson is probably my favorite to teach. It’s just a fantastic chance to grab people right out of the gate and hit them over the head with the value of new approaches and new ways of thinking about problems. It’s great to be able to show people that math on the GMAT isn’t really about grinding harder or being a genius. It’s about understanding what’s really important and then combining that realization with a skill set that every prospective MBA student is capable of possessing. And that’s before we hit you with the factors/number theory stuff and really blow your mind. It’s exciting stuff, and at the end of that lesson, I always wish we had a couple more hours to keep doing questions.

What is your favorite Veritas Prep success story?
Once upon a time, I had a student, Rachel, gain 230 points. She took every bit of advice I gave seriously, did every piece of work we asked, came into every lesson with specific and well-considered questions, and generally proved to be a model student. Once the course was over, we scheduled a few hours of individual tutoring. Rachel brought in charts of wrong answers broken down along multiple dimensions and was able to articulate precise areas of need for improvement. A couple of tutoring sessions in, she hit 750 on a practice test. We actually canceled a remaining tutoring session so that she could take the real thing ASAP. In the end, Rachel went from a 510 to a 740 after the Veritas Prep course and about five hours of one-on-one tutoring time. There’s just nothing better about being a tutor than hearing amazing news from a delighted student. It’s my singular goal every time I teach.

Real reviews

Anthony is a fantastic teacher!
Anthony is a fantastic teacher! He is not only great at getting the concepts across, but also changing the way you think about numbers and logic in general.  He changed the way I will add, subtract, and multiply for the rest of my life! You can tell by the way he talks and teaches that he genuinely cares about his students and our success.

He always went above and beyond
My instructor, Anthony Ritz, was absolutely amazing. He is very knowledgeable on the test material and takes pride in making sure each class member understands each problem type. He has an endless book of tricks that he is able to articulate in a very easy to remember way. I emailed and instant messaged him many times during the week, outside of class, and he was always quick to respond with multiple ways to look at problems that were confusing me. He always went above and beyond to ensure that everyone was clear on what was going to be tested. He always offered to stay late to review any additional problems that may be confusing.

You never feel like your time is being wasted.
I took a 6 week GMAT course with Anthony Ritz and was so impressed by the professionalism of Veritas instructors. Anthony is one of those super-humans, who received perfect scores on every standardized test from the LSAT to the GMAT to the GRE. My past experience with SAT tutors was to stay away from the wiz kids because they didn't know how to teach/translate their genius, but Anthony does. His lessons were content rich, but contained added bonuses like calculation shortcuts and tricks to approaching problems. Anthony edited many of the Veritas books, so his familiarity with them is impressive. He knows exactly which problems are most challenging so he cherry picks the best examples to work through in class. You never feel like your time is being wasted.


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