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Veritas Prep has the highest rated GMAT prep course. Why? We ask 100% of our students how we could serve them better, and we read every single GMAT course review that we receive. Also, Veritas Prep is the largest GMAT prep & MBA admissions consulting company in the world, so we have the resources to respond and deliver what you need to reach, and often surpass, your target score. As a result, Veritas Prep students get the most innovative GMAT curriculum available, the best teachers, the most accurate practice tests, and a variety of other advantages.
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GMAT student success stories

Every day new emails from over-the-moon students are circulated around our office. A common water cooler conversation might go something like “Hey I just heard Andrew Cable got into Stanford!” or “You see Kate Rowat got a 760 on Saturday?!” As you go through what could be one of the most stressful periods of your life, you can rest easy knowing you have a team of caring folks who will bend over backwards for you. When you ace the GMAT, we cheer. When you get into a top-ranked business school, we really do celebrate at Veritas Prep headquarters. And when you give us a great GMAT course review, we beam with pride. Meet our team »

“We are delighted to have partnered with Veritas Prep to deliver GMAT preparation courses for the Trinity MBA candidates. The interactive and informative GMAT courses provided an excellent platform for our MBA candidates to maximise their GMAT scores. Over 40% of the Trinity Executive MBA class (2016/18) attended a Veritas Prep GMAT course and average scores increased significantly. As Ireland’s #1 ranked MBA program we pride ourselves on providing academic excellence and Veritas Prep certainly reinforced this standard by delivering GMAT preparation which is 2nd to none.” - Eoghan O’Sullivan, Trinity MBA Admissions Manager

To prepare for the GMAT, the right instructor and the right course make all the difference. Before signing up with Veritas, I felt uneasy towards my preparations as all the materials I had found in bookstores were rather cursory in coverage. Then, after sitting in another live course, I had almost resigned myself to self-study until I happened upon Veritas Prep through an Internet search. Perusing their curriculum, I was impressed by the depth of coverage offered and the caliber of the instructors. I felt that it would offer what I needed to do well on the GMAT, and I was not disappointed. My instructor was first-rate and well versed in elucidating the comprehensive study materials. Each key area of the GMAT was carefully dissected and distilled into clear and organized concepts. This concentration helped me to gain valuable insights into how to approach difficult problems on the GMAT. In addition, the amount of available practice problems afforded me ample opportunities to hone the necessary skills. I found the Veritas course to be appropriately longer than those at other prep companies, and every intensive session was time well spent. Success at standardized tests like the GMAT requires confidence and with the preparation from Veritas, I found my composure for the GMAT. I felt well prepared after Veritas, though the actual test conditions still held nerve-wracking moments for this first-timer. But, my test score of 750 left me quite pleased. So if you are seeking a solid score on the GMAT, the excellent preparation at Veritas will greatly improve your chances.

Michael Cheng,
Palo Alto, CA

I had been studying for the GMAT for over a year by the time I finally got the competitive score that I needed: a 680. I began studying before I deployed to Iraq, taking the exam in February of 2011, receiving a 610. Not one to give up, I continued studying overseas, taking the exam again in late February of 2012 and getting another 610. I was disappointed.

I contacted Veritas, let them know my situation and my timeline (one month) and they paired me up immediately with a great tutor. The tutor just so happened to shared my military background. He was extremely knowledgeable and flexible, and I could tell that he genuinely cared about both me as a person and my performance on the exam. So much so, that he took time out of his busy schedule to meet me at the testing center and personally give me a pep talk before the big exam.

I know that this may not seem like a lot, but extra efforts like these are pivotal in pushing through plateaus. I raised my score by 70 points in 30 days. I would highly recommend both Veritas Prep to anyone who is serious about getting into a top MBA program.

1LT Gary Travis,
Washington DC

My Veritas consultants helped shape my essays through extensive review of my writing (feedback, editing, helping develop, highlighting certain points), weeding out unnecessary content, and brainstorming with me on different ideas. I also appreciated the time my Consultant and I spent on the interview process. I worked over the phone for a considerable amount of time with my Veritas Consultant on my interviews. She went to great lengths to make sure that I was being helped. All of the consultants involved in my engagement helped a lot to tie my applications together. The liberty to work with different consultants helped a lot because my applications were greatly refined. I got so many pairs of eyes on my applications. If one Consultant did not see a flaw, another would see it and make my application an even more perfect picture. I was incredibly pleased with the service I received, and I was highly impressed by each of the Veritas consultants. They all had a very personal touch which made the experience very meaningful for me. The only advice I would give to Veritas is to do more aggressive marketing to get more people involved. Everyone should have the opportunity to work with such a great firm.'

Deepak Jha,

The Veritas Prep Course is structured like a robust tutoring session for the elite students. It focuses on the fundamentals in the beginning which is imperative in order to build upon deeper and more challenging subjects ahead. I like how each book is separate and structured for learning one key concept every lesson. This helps students to not get overwhelmed by all the material at once, but rather handle the GMAT in bite-sized chunks.

I've taken Kaplan and Kaplan Advanced, but I found that the Veritas Prep course gave me a better grounding for success. The lazy genius sections remind us of taking shortcuts once we have learned our fundamentals. Whereas Kaplan and Princeton Review focus on the shortcuts first. After focusing on each section separately then combining my skills with the shortcuts, I was able to score in my target range better than I ever did before. Thank you Veritas and the wonderful authors of the books.

Mayur Patel,
San Diego, CA

I would recommend a Veritas Prep course to my friends and colleagues. My instructors were both extremely smart, but also practical. They have a long history with the GMAT which really helps a person like me, who took the class and took the exam one week after finishing the class. I didn't have the time to go through all of the questions that I possibly could have so I had to prioritize and make choices due to my work schedule... I think Veritas and my instructor specifically helped me do that effectively. Additionally, the Veritas Prep staff is outstanding. They are all competent and easy to contact and communicate with. I always received email replies quickly. I also found the added benefits to be extremely helpful, such as a set of graded AWA essays.

Janice Javier,

My Veritas Consultant was extremely personable and of enormous help to me. I went into great depth about my life story with her, and I felt that I could share my personal ideas without ever being judged. Because of this, she got to know me on a personal as well as professional level - this proved to be of key importance during our work with the essays. She provided me with insight in terms of what the admissions teams from different schools were expecting. Because of her knowledge and experience from the admissions committee's standpoint, she was especially insightful. She helped me shape my essays by highlighting what should be emphasized and what should be left out. Because she knows the other side of the process so well, she was able to point my essays in the right direction and tailor them to each school with precision. Veritas has met my expectations in every way, and my Veritas Head Consultant surpassed them.

Lawrence Park,

In a year in which business school applications climbed to record levels, I decided to take the Veritas course in order to improve my GMAT score. The first time I took the GMAT I did not have the benefit of having taken Veritas and I received a respectable 690 overall score and 5.5 on the AWA. After taking the Veritas course, I improved my overall score to a 740 and my AWA score to a 6.0. If I could do everything over again, I definitely would have taken Veritas before I took the GMAT the first time. I found Veritas' materials to be excellent. The Veritas administration was friendly and professional. My Veritas instructor provided outstanding instruction on all aspects of the exam. She was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. Because of Veritas, I was able to improve my quantitative, verbal, and AWA scores. I highly recommend Veritas to anyone who is seriously considering applying to business school.

Gregory Lopez,
Honolulu, HI

My Veritas Prep instructor was committed and had a total control over the class. I liked that he highlighted more difficult problems in class as oppose to going over the study material. He was able to introduce us to alternative ways of thinking about a problem, and made us aware that we need to be ready to attack a problem in a number of ways, e.g. backsolving. He also was able to maintain a wonderfully positive energy throughout the duration of the course. I could also tell that he is very familiar with Veritas teaching material and the concepts that are generally tested on the GMAT. I enjoyed the class and I know I made the right choice in choosing Veritas Prep over some other test prep courses offered in Manhattan.

Aziza Jamgerchinova,
New York

I just completed my first GMAT sitting and I'm glad to say that it will also be my last! Even after weeks of devoted studies, I entered the exam relatively nervous but at the same time excited. After the grueling four hour examination, I was pleasantly surprised by the score and could not be happier. I was fortunately able to score in the 94th percentile with a 720, and I attribute a lot of it to Veritas Prep.

With this weight lifted off my shoulder, I can confidently approach my Harvard 2+2 application. I am one step closer to achieving this, now more tangible, dream. Thank you again for all your support, encouragement and for partnering with me to make this happen.

Taniel Chan,
New York, NY

I took the Veritas Live Online course and could not have been happier with it. My instructor really knew the GMAT inside and out and would boil each question down to explain exactly what the GMAT was looking to test. Because of this, I was confident that I had the tools and ability to answer every question correctly, and I could literally hear his voice on test day as I went through the questions. The Veritas Prep books are great as well. I pretty much studied only from the Veritas materials which are filled with tons of practice questions so similar to the ones on the real thing. I broke the 700 barrier with a 740 on test day and could not have done it without Veritas! Thank you!

Lindsey Whang,
Los Angeles, CA

The Veritas Prep class is phenomenal. The instructors are some of the best teachers I have had throughout my educational life. They are willing to stay after class and answer questions, and seem to actually care about your score. The level of responsiveness from all Veritas Prep staff and the quality of instruction blew me away. On my first practice test I scored a 600 and after the Veritas Prep program I scored a 730. After completing the course I felt more prepared than any of my peers who took Kaplan or the Princeton Review, and knew I had the tools to crush the GMAT. The amount of confidence you developed by taking the Veritas Prep class is second to none. You know you did more problems, you took more practice tests, and you had more in class instruction than any of your peers. The Veritas Prep system makes the GMAT beatable.

Robert Francis,
Los Angeles, CA

I am writing to recognize my Veritas Prep consultant for her exemplary guidance through my MBA application process. Recently, I was accepted to the Chicago Booth School of Business. Simply said, my Veritas Prep consultant has been instrumental in my success. In the past weeks, I have been extremely impressed with my consultant's knowledge, approach and patience. With deadlines quickly approaching, she guided me through the process and has made herself available on late evenings, holidays and weekends. Most importantly, she convinced me to aim higher when shortlisting the schools that I eventually applied to. Without her guidance, I don't believe I would have applied to some of the top programs, much less get accepted into one. She is a true coach and a perfect example of the service that Veritas Prep promises to offer. Thank you!

Jay Suresh,

As a recently discharged officer from the US Army, I have found Veritas Prep to be extremely effective and efficient. Each individual's ability to digest information is going to be different, but if you are considering taking the GMAT (and are currently serving on Active Duty) purchase the books and online materials NOW. Do NOT wait until your ETS date or for terminal leave to sign up. Even if you are stationed overseas, take my advice and sign up-the money is going to be worth every penny. The reason for this is that the books and the videos online provide a crystal clear understanding of what is required to successfully execute on test day. You will begin your studies as a student (the information on the GMAT is explained in amazing detail) and once complete, you will be able to think like the test makers.

Paul Kim,
San Jose, CA

Let me tell you, Veritas was the second GMAT Prep course that I have taken and HANDS DOWN is the best in the business!! I have never felt so prepared to take on the GMAT and I am shocked at how much I have improved in only a 10 week time period. The one thing that separates Veritas from other test-pep companies is their instructors and online content. My instructor Dennis was incredible. His ability to teach us the GMAT curriculum in an easy digestible format was something I did not think was possible. I can speak for every person in our class in saying that Dennis is a once in a lifetime instructor and I wish I could have him teach all of my MBA classes! Thanks for everything Veritas, it is refreshing to know that there are still companies out there that whole-heartedly care about their students!

Brendan Ames,
Denver, CO

I looked forward to applying to PhD Programs, but I knew I needed to improve my GMAT score to be competitive at the elite institutions. Thanks to the Veritas coursework and my knowledgeable instructor, I feel more than confident that my GMAT score allows me to apply anywhere. My Veritas instructor added a tremendous amount of value to the class. He knew the subject matter very well, and as a well rounded individual could offer advice about business school and other things as well. I came away from the class realizing that the instructor is probably 80 percent of the value of taking a GMAT review course. I have heard several stories about terrible instructors for review courses, and I was hoping my experience would not be the same. I would definitely personally recommend taking the Veritas course.

Steven Fannin,
Chicago, IL

I received Veritas tutoring this summer. I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent time in your program. It far exceeded my expectations. I was extremely pleased and impressed with my experience, the Veritas materials, and the people I interacted with. I took the GMAT yesterday morning and received a 710 (95th percentile) on my first attempt, which was well above my baseline goal. My verbal score was 45 (99th percentile) and my quantitative score was 42. I am convinced that I could not have done nearly so well on my own. The Veritas materials, methodology and staff were all integral parts of my preparation and were significant factors in my success. I really enjoyed working with everyone I came in contact with at Veritas. Thanks again for such a high quality and effective program.

Leila Berkeley,
Pittsburgh, PA

I would like to say that Veritas Prep helped me immensely towards my goal of a 700+ GMAT score. I had dealt with Princeton Review in the past, and the Veritas experience was light years ahead of Princeton. Veritas teaches you the material you need to succeed. This method forces you to know the material cold, if you put in the work during class. There is so much material to use and learn that you become a GMAT expert, which definitely boosts your confidence on test day. My teacher was extremely bright and able to explain even the most difficult questions in a way that made sense. The number of practice tests at our disposal was also really critical to my success. I highly recommend Veritas, and it helped me get from a 640 to a 720 on my GMAT. Thank you very much Veritas.

Dustin Liron,
Puerto Rico

Veritas Prep simply is the most extensive, well designed and comprehensive prep course in the GMAT test preparation industry. For me, having English as a second language was a bit of worry, but with the Veritas Skill-builder lessons, I understood the key concepts needed to approach all the homework problems after class. Veritas will not only help you understand how to perform well on the GMAT, but also, will help feel confident and have a certain "swag" about how you're going to do on the actual exam, because the knowledge is just so darn good. I would not only recommend Veritas Prep as the go to course preparation for the GMAT but also, endorse their professional approach to learning, performing and thinking on how to become a killer GMAT test taker.

David Hernandez,
Puerto Rico

Overall, I am very pleased with my decision to hire Veritas, and I would recommend your services to others. My Head Consultant was especially helpful, and I know that my applications were tremendously improved due to his assistance. Most of all, I loved the fact that for a very reasonable price (I'm really curious to know how you're making adequate money on this), I had FOUR sets of experienced eyes helping me with my applications. As far as I know, Veritas is the only company to provide such a unique program. I must re-emphasize that I was very pleased and impressed with this service. I would use it again without hesitation, and if the opportunity arises I certainly anticipate recommending your company to others.

Jerome Wren,

I took Veritas Prep's full course in Los Angeles and it helped to significantly raise my score by 50 points! My instructor was able to explain even the most difficult problems and by the end of the class I felt ready for anything on the GMAT. Besides the instructor, I also found the Veritas materials to be very well organized and the office staff was a pleasure to deal with. I really enjoyed my experience with Veritas and I strongly recommend it to any serious applicant.

Andy Matthews,
Los Angeles, CA

After years in a corporate environment, I became accustomed to writing short, bullet point emails and brief PowerPoint presentations. Conveying my message in well written essays for admissions was a bit intimidating. Veritas Prep provided straightforward feedback on my essays, in both grammar and content. They explained the perceptions created by my essays and provided great suggestions for re-writes. The comments were challenging and inquisitive on topics that needed development and validating in areas that were on point. The reviewers are real experts at the admissions process. I highly recommend using Veritas Prep to review your essays & resume!

Mark Villani,

THANK YOU VERITAS! I wanted to thank you for helping me to achieve a score I truly never believed was possible! I never got above a 660 in a practice exam, but walked away with a 750 on my test this morning! (49 Q, 42V) I truly believe that the Veritas course gives the student all the necessary preparatory materials to achieve a stellar score -- but it doesn't exempt the student from lots of hard work! I probably did 95% of the homework and all but 2 of the practice exams. But overall - the greatest benefit I got from your course was the confidence that I prepared myself as best as I could. Thanks again - I'm so pleased I chose Veritas!!!

Stacie Hogya,
Pittsburgh, PA

Veritas is a hidden gem in the world of test prep. Its instructors and materials are down to earth, helpful, and designed with your individual success in mind. Preparation materials abound once you're in the Veritas network: textbooks, online tutorials, connections to additional outside materials, and access to a group of peers doing the same preparation work as you. I felt cared for and thought of with Veritas, unlike my experience with other large test prep companies where I felt like a number.
I can't reccommend Veritas enough, especially for those who are serious about finishing the GMAT to the best of their ability.

Tyler Maltbie,
Boston, MA

Veritas Prep has put the tools in place for me to succeed on achieving my GMAT score objectives. The coursework and related textbooks identify strategies, shortcuts, and clues to not only pick the correct answers, but to weed out the trick answers. Having access to a vast amount of homework problems, homework help, skillbuilder courses, and accurately scored practice test are a key advantage to the Veritas Prep program. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable on the subjects at hand and genuinely cared about the students success on the test. I would highly recommend this course to anybody preparing to take the GMAT exam.

Michael Jennesse,
El Paso, TX

I did self-study for a month before my first test with Manhattan GMAT materials. I took the test and scored a 400 [29V (56%), 13Q (2%), 4.0 AWA] in late July. I took the Veritas class in the fall and found the Veritas materials were much closer to what I actually saw on the GMAT. I took it again and scored a 630 [37V (83%), 39Q (57%), 5.0 AWA] in early December. I was admitted to Stanford, Kellogg, and Haas; denied or waitlisted nowhere. My candidacy went from being impossible to being competitive because of your help, and I'm happy to report that I'm heading to the Stanford Graduate School of Business in the fall.

Tiy Goddard,
Palo Alto, CA

This class has been incredibly illuminating. I have used other GMAT prep services in the past, and their approach is basic in comparison to Veritas. The other GMAT services talk about tricks and techniques to manipulate your way through difficult GMAT questions, but Veritas actually breaks it down further to talk specifically about the logic and the logical approaches you need to take. Furthermore, Veritas emphasizes the importance of knowing (and being comfortable with) algebra in order to really best the test takers and get into the 99th percentile. It's a fast paced and intense class, but it is well worth it.

Claire Dufek,
Bethesda, Maryland

One of the main reasons that I chose Veritas over the other GMAT prep places is that every tutor has scored in the 99th percentile. For me that was very important because I needed to have confidence in the advice my tutor was giving me. On top of this, my tutor was amazing, tailoring our sessions to my specific weaknesses, and, in the process, we went over so many problems that I learned almost all the tricks employed by the ETS and watched out for them on test day. I have nothing but good things to say about my tutor, and I attribute my 780 in large part to his help, confidence, and patience.

Robby Banks,
Washington, DC

I had taken GMAT twice and scored 540 & 550. Both times, I used Kaplan and Princeton Review books. But this time, I wanted some help that would increase my confidence on GMAT and so I decided to go with Veritas Prep. I had a great instructor and the principles taught in class help to focus in the exam. And sure enough, after going through the course my confidence went up and I scored 660! Thank you Veritas Prep. Frankly speaking, I had given up all my hope few years back. Definitely couldn't have increased my score by 120 points WITHOUT your help. Thanks to you, I can actually sleep better at night!

Nisarg Shah,
Los Angeles, CA

It's really difficult for me to figure out where to begin when I think about the impact Ibrahim has had on my medical school application process. I owe the two early acceptances and the 11 interviews to top 20 schools, in a large part, to his expertise, guidance, patience and brilliance... He helped me connect the dots, and with patience and persistence, he helped me create an essay that I am proud to say is mine, and that clearly was well received by many schools, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Penn, and Duke. Never have I met someone as creative and innovative when it comes to writing as Ibrahim.

Current Applicant,

I entered the online class without any GMAT prep, and while it was challenging it was worth every dollar I spent on it. I would have never known what to study, but more importantly, HOW to study, if I did not take this course. If you are serious about doing well on the GMAT, this course is a must. It has been 8 years since my undergrad, and I felt like I was back in college. The course was interactive and engaging, and the instructor created an environment online where the students were expected to participate. Class participation kept it interesting, and the instructor was fantastic.

Christina Ratto,
Phoenix, AZ

It was a pleasure working with everyone at Veritas. I am impressed by the professionalism and dedication displayed by everyone I interacted with, especially my Consultant and Specialists. My HBS Specialist went out of her way to get my application in by the deadline, even immediately after she had her baby. My Kellogg Specialist worked very hard with me to get my initial essays in shape and probably spent more time with me than he was supposed to. Overall, I could not have wanted or needed anything outside of what Veritas provided, and I am on my way to a top-10 b-school in the fall!

Shivpal Kulhari,

Our group had the advantage of studying with the new books. The materials have a healthy mix of theory, innovative strategies, and plenty of examples of different levels of difficulty. My favorite part of the Veritas Prep methodology is that the reasoning behind strategies is clearly explained. It is a lot easier to learn and practice a technique when you believe in it and know why and how exactly it works. With a month and a half of studying with the Veritas Prep materials and the Official Guide, and taking 13 of the 15 provided practices, I got a GMAT score (780) beyond my hopes!

Armen Mkrtchyan,
Los Angeles, CA

I took the Veritas Prep course last year in Evanston, IL, and when I started I was scoring around 640-660. But after the course and a few months of practicing with the material they provided, I scored a 730 (96%) on the actual exam! My instructor was amazing, and some of the methods they taught on the quant section really helped save time on exam. The amount of prep material available with Veritas is unparalleled and the different methods in which they are presented really help prepare you to do your best on the exam. It's a wonderful course, and I would definitely recommend it!

Archana Balas,
Madison, WI

The online class environment is incredibly engaging and while I couldn't see my classmates, their comments and contributions to the classroom chat were a valuable addition to the instructor's lessons. My instructor was so knowledgeable and it was clear throughout the course that he cares immensely about his students and their success. I would recommend this course to anyone even thinking about taking the GMAT. The thought processes and material I was exposed to in preparation for taking the exam will not only help me succeed in this one setting but in my career as well.

Catherine Miller,
Wayne, PA

I am proud to write that I scored a 720 on the GMAT. This is in the 96th percentile which will make me a very competitive candidate. Your instructor and curriculum were instrumental in my success on test day. The confidence that was instilled in me by the pragmatic approach to solving problems and the numerous practice problems and tests that the Veritas curriculum offered made a huge difference. Coming from a person who scored in approximately the 40th percentile on his SATs, if Veritas can help me get into the 96th percentile on the GMAT, it can help anyone.

Paul Capriotti,
Providence, RI

My admissions consulting with my Head Consultant went extremely well. I submitted my Columbia application this weekend and am all set to go at this stage. Thank you for all of your help. I'm obviously still waiting to hear back from the two schools (the other is NYU) but I know that I would not have had a chance at all without my consultant's guidance and support! Addition: I got into NYU!!! I just checked the website this afternoon and they admitted me. Thank you for all your help because I know that I would never have gotten in if not for all your help.

Jennifer Clarke,

Veritas, I would like to thank you for your services. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first signed up, simply because I'd never heard of admission consulting before. However, my consultant was great and most definitely met my expectations. Her advice was perfect. She precisely understood exactly what I was lacking in my application and provided me with excellent feedback. I also appreciated her responsiveness and level of service; she was very reassuring throughout the process. I highly recommend her and thank you for your services.

Pedram Yasharel,

My Head Consultant was an excellent advisor! He was quite timely in his response to ALL of my questions and was very helpful to me throughout the entire application process. Even with a low GMAT and less than perfect GPA I was able to get into NYU's MBA program without an interview! This tells me that my application was concise and effective in highlighting the strengths of my candidacy. I would HIGHLY recommend Veritas to anyone seeking admissions advice. I am very pleased with the service that they provided. Thanks for all of your help!!!

Gary Burrell,

I've spent the past few years of my life launching companies and mitigating uncertainty in my environment. It's immensely comforting to think, "Everything I need to be successful on the GMAT is in this book. If I do everything that this covers, I can get the score I want." Veritas Prep makes that easy to believe- and once you believe it, you're golden. The online resources made it easy to do on my time, my tutor was top-notch, and Veritas made it delightful every step of the way. This was a spectacular investment.

Joshua Sirchio,
Nashville, TN

With my math background, my challenge was to tackle the verbal section. I searched the internet for some courses and discovered Veritas Prep. I was thinking of taking one of your classes, but I would have needed to fly 600 miles to attend. Eventually, I decided on Veritas On Demand™. The tips and strategies, especially from Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning, were very useful. I managed to get a 760 score -- 99th percentile! My 97 Verbal percentile was even higher than my 89% on the Quant section.

Philipp Müller,

Back in March, I bought the Princeton Review guide, studied it diligently and scored a 570 on the GMAT. I decided that I was capable of scoring higher so I did my research and became convinced that Veritas could get me the score that I thought I was capable of achieving. After working with my instructor (who was awesome), learning the Veritas methods, and answering hundreds of practice questions, I retook the GMAT yesterday and scored a 660. This opens up doors for me regarding future business school programs.

Greg Dawson,
Sacramento, CA

I just wanted to thank you for your great service. I used the Veritas Prep On Demand package and went through all of the lessons and tests in a 2 week period and improved my score from a 650 on the first practice test to a 730 (96th percentile) on the real thing! My breakdown was a 50 Quant (94th percentile) and a 40 Verbal (89 percentile), which was a big improvement in both areas, especially the Verbal. I have recommended Veritas Prep to all of my friends planning on sitting for the GMAT. Thanks again!

Thomas Foley,
Woodside, CA

I just wanted to say that my gmat prep class far exceeded even my highest expectations. It was fun, interesting, engaging, and most importantly, a great preparation for the test. When I signed up for the class, I hadn't cracked a math textbook since high school calculus and I ended up getting a 740 on the test! I couldn't have done it without this class, and I am telling all of my friends and colleagues to forget about Kaplan, Princeton and all of the others and go for Veritas. Thanks for your help!

Nicole Stiffle,
New York City, NY

This probably does not come as a surprise to you, but my instructor clearly demonstrated all of the qualities of a world-class teacher. His thorough understanding of the topics and ability to communicate concepts from various perspectives/angles enabled him to pull the students in closer. He quickly identified weaknesses and provided strategies and approaches to combat those individual challenges. The instructor was genuinely concerned about our progress and success. What more can you ask for?

Jason Khan,
Washington, DC

I wanted to share with you this great news! Accepted to Chicago with 30% scholarship. Accepted to word on scholarship money yet! Accepted to UNC and received the Consortium fellowship (100% scholarship). I was also accepted by Indiana and Carnegie Mellon! I wanted to THANK YOU with all my heart for ALL your support, guidance and professionalism. It was truly amazing to work with you and I am very glad that the outcome of our work paid off big time! Thank you, gracias, merci!

Vivianna Guerrero,
Boynton Beach, FL

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I got a 700!!!! Up 100 points from my first test and up 160 from my starting practice test. There is no way I could have done it without y'all. The arguments book and the logic progression that it teaches was key. I had an epiphany when I first saw it. Additionally, my instructor was a great teacher. Very articulate and always able to answer my questions. He provided great support and study tips. Thanks again!!!! I couldn't have done it without you.

Robert Murphy,
New York, NY

Dear Veritas, I just wanted to highly commend the efforts of my recent tutor. With his excellent help, I was able to obtain a score of 700 on my GMAT (48 Q, 38 V). The instructional manuals were an outstanding resource, and my instructor clearly made a significant impact on my overall score... especially since I hadn't been able to break the 650 mark on previous exams. Thank you, I will highly recommend Veritas to any colleagues who may require assistance in studying for the GMAT.

Peter Spenuzza,
Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to share some good news with you. I just took the GMAT and scored a 760... 99th percentile! Many thanks to you for hooking me up with the GMAT course here in Manhattan. I know it helped a lot!

Jake Nicholson,
New York, NY

Were it not for the services of Veritas, I simply would not be as prepared. Their methodical approach to learning the material, coupled with the well-qualified instructors has left me better prepared and more confident than I would have been otherwise. Thanks Veritas!

Ryan Barringer,
Palo Alto, CA

Veritas Prep's online course is unparalleled. The clarity and effectiveness of the lessons are what impressed me the most. I was always challenged and learned a tremendous amount from participating, all in the comfort of my own home. The support outside of class was also very useful and I often took advantage of it while working through homework assignments. I only wish I could have shaken my instructor's hand at the end of it all.

Nadir Contractor,
London, England

I took the Veritas Prep Full Course with you in January. I finally got around to taking the GMAT this morning. I got a 770! I am obviously very pleased. I particularly appreciated the Veritas Prep On Demand material, which I've been using to study independently. I was pleased that it was narrated by my Veritas Prep instructor!

William Jarvis,
Palo Alto, CA.

I wanted to thank Veritas Prep for the dramatic score improvement of 200 points! Before my class I scored a 480, and after two weekends of Veritas Prep coursework and many practice exams, my score rose to a 680. My instructors were great and so was everything they taught us. I owe my score to Veritas Prep!

Courtney Harder,
Los Angeles, CA

I took my test today. Got a 710! I am pumped. It's a big improvement from my last score of 690. I am so happy to be over that 700 barrier. If you are planning to take the GMAT, I highly recommend Veritas Prep because it breaks down the test into manageable chunks and gives excellent strategies to attack all question types!

Benson Metcalf,
Salt Lake City, UT

Before taking the course, I scored a 640. After taking the Weekend Course, I took the GMAT this morning and scored a 740. Words can't describe how I feel right now. After getting my score, I kissed the proctor of the facility on the forehead, ran out into the street, and danced in traffic. People were wondering if I was okay. Needless to say, I was... I can say without reservation that my improvement is attributable to Veritas Prep.

Jonathan Varzally,
Boston, MA

I had utilized self-study with the Princeton Review books initially, and I got a 680 on my first attempt. I chose Veritas Prep to help push me forward, and the Veritas Prep On Demand program helped me score a 750 on my second attempt!

Jim Wilson,
Montello, WI

I wanted to thank you all for putting together the best GMAT prep course on the street. I recently took the test for the first time and scored a 780! This score more than exceeded my goal for the test. Having had some experience with other GMAT prep courses, I truly believe that you guys offer the best product. My instructor made class enjoyable and clearly knows his stuff. He was also very helpful in answering my questions after the course ended. Thanks again for all your help.

Jamil Soriano,
New York, NY

I scored a 620 the first time I took the GMAT, but after Veritas scored a 760! I could not have improved my score so dramatically without my exceptional teacher and the clarity of the Veritas lesson booklets. Thank you, Veritas!

Natalie Vane,
Washington, DC

My instructor is a fabulous teacher and helped me get my score up 150 points. Also, his 'quick and dirty' explanation of the AWA saved me time, so I could focus on studying everything else. With his help, I still managed to get a perfect 6.0 on that section. I had a great time in the class with my instructor, and shockingly, was quite sad when the course ended. Thank you for all your help and for having great instructors like mine.

Ann Le,
Pasadena, CA

After taking the Veritas Prep course (and purchasing a few hours of private Veritas tutoring to hone my weak spots), my GMAT score soared from the 60th percentile to the 90th percentile in just over 2 months. I was accepted at Tuck and could not be happier.

Nes Weigand,
Chicago, IL

I would say early on I expected to get about a 600 on the GMAT. During the Veritas course I hoped for a 680 (and really wanted a 700), but I succeeded beyond my expectations and achieved a 760. I could not have scored in the 99th percentile without Veritas.

Nathan Wolff,
Los Angeles, CA

What a marvelous course! The Veritas materials are superbly constructed and organized. It is evident that a lot of thought has gone into preparing these courses. Furthermore, my tutor was one of the best educators that I have ever been taught by. I feel so prepared for the exam! You are missing a golden opportunity to succeed if you do not take this course!

Katherine Stillman,
Montreal, Canada

The Veritas GMAT preparation course is one of the most comprehensive courses around. The salient feature of this course is its tutors: friendly, knowledgeable and to-the-point. Just what one would expect from a world class course. The Veritas course prepares you for the exam, and its instructors motivate you for it. I had great time during training and scored 690.

Nikhil Asthana,
London, England

The Veritas course is outstanding. The teaching methodology is rigorous and the instructors are excellent. I credit my GMAT performance (760) to Veritas.

Christian Mitchell,
Salt Lake City, UT

I just wanted to say that the Veritas program rocks! Especially my instructor: he did a great job working on all aspects of the GMAT. He was there early, stayed late, and went the extra mile to ensure we fully grasped the Veritas system. My score rose a lot in a relatively short period of time. I am glad I signed on with Veritas, and if I could do it over, I wouldn't change a thing.

Rashied Williams,
Los Angeles, CA

My instructor was very knowledgeable and always eager to look at new ways to teach the subjects. He took into account our requests and concerns. He was very positive and energetic in every class. The course prepared me for the challenges I had to face on the GMAT. There was no procrastination allowed with Veritas guiding me steadily to exam day.

Stephanie Nordin,
Vancouver, Canada

I attended your GMAT course in the fall. I originally took the test and I scored 600 (quite low in the verbal section). I retook it after the Veritas course and I scored 700. I just wanted to tell you that I am very grateful, Veritas was an essential ingredient in my high score.

Emilio Gomez-Villalva,
Chicago, IL

My instructor was fantastic! She simplified things that seemed impossible to understand. She was patient and very helpful in eliminating personal fears. I'm glad that she was my instructor, and I think that any Veritas student would benefit from her knowledge. Veritas offers a great course for GMAT preparation. I came in fearing complete failure, but now I'm certain that I'll do better than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you for building my confidence and improving my ability.

Renee Miller,
Richmond, VA

I just wanted to send a thank you to Veritas, this past Saturday I took the GMAT and got a score of 650! This was a 120 point increase over the first time I took the exam. My tutor was great and really helped me target my weaknesses to bring up my score.

Paul Roth,
Pittsburgh, PA

Just a quick note to extend to you my sincere gratitude for the great help you offered during our brief training course. Total: 780. All those hours we spent on the basics of maths have paid off.

Ming Yao,
Salt Lake City, UT

After a year of preparing for the GMAT with Kaplan and Princeton Review books, I finally decided to take the Veritas Prep Course. I read the reviews and liked what I saw. Now that I have finished the course, I understand why so many Veritas alum do well on the GMAT. The preparation is second to none. I look forward to preparing for the actual GMAT which I am taking in two weeks. Thank you Veritas Prep and thank you to my instructor.

Wellington Palma,
Boston, MA

This is the second GMAT Prep Course I have taken. I took one about 6 years ago and that had little impact on my overall score - around 650. This time around, however, I am confident that I am making significant progress due to my instructor's quality teaching style, thorough knowledge of the material, and brutally honest approach. I am now performing at the 700+ level, which is my target score. Thanks Veritas!

Andrew Pietra,
Westwood, CA

The excellence of my instructor at Veritas was unparalleled. He demonstrated mastery of the material and was able to effectively teach powerful GMAT techniques to his students. Veritas also provided me with a vast amount of GMAT material which was essential in practicing the techniques learned in class. In combination, these factors contributed immensely to my optimal performance on the actual test.

Brian Gamido,
San Francisco, CA

I took a Veritas Intensive Course in London in August. I scored 700 yesterday (Q 48, V 37) and thank you again for the confidence and trust that I built in London during that week. I was also spurred on by the friendly competition with the other participants. Nobody with English as a second language can make it without a friendly and knowing instructor able to wade through all those tricks and traps!

Raffaele Lubrano,
London, England

I would recommend this course to anyone! The money spent was worth it - I have learned so much over the past six weeks. I was excited to come to class during the week, to study on the weekends and to put it all together with practice quizzes and tests through the Veritas online portal because Veritas made it easy.

Marie Ziccardi,
Chicago, IL

My instructor was wonderful. She was extremely knowledgeable about the GMAT and constantly encouraged the students to do their best. She is the best instructor I have ever had for any test prep course. I would recommend the instructor and the Veritas prep course to anyone.

Dow Huskey,
Miami, FL

Just to let you know I took the GMAT on Thursday and scored a 750. My lowest practice test score was 580. I am absolutely delighted, so thank you very much for all your help.

Shaun Paterson,
London, England

I would highly recommend using Veritas Prep. I have used other test-prep groups in the past and Veritas has by far been the best in terms of not only preparing me for the test, but also takes a far more holistic approach focused on understanding the material and strategic thinking rather than pure memorization.

Brooke Richardson,
Great Falls, VA

I wanted to report that I took the GMAT yesterday and got a 700! I am extremely pleased with that. In fact, it far exceeded my expectations! I would like to thank Veritas for the help that was provided in the course. Now that I know my score, I can say that the course was well worth the price!

Ron Levin,
Phoenix, AZ

When I first saw my unofficial score report at the test center I was shocked. Last week I received my official score report, and my 710 (Q45, V42, AWA 6.0) still stands! I had started with a 570. I could not have done it without your help. I would like to specifically thank my instructors, both of whom amazed me with their intelligence and ability to relate the material at an understandable level. Thank you Veritas!

Tim Frahme,
Los Angeles, CA

The return on investment for a GMAT prep course with Veritas is excellent. There are so many quality components simultaneously working together that I felt like I just completed the best course that can be offered. My instructor was truly on an elite level.There are more practice tests than I know what to do with and I was able to see improvement in my scores as I progressed through the course. I highly recommend Veritas Prep.

Ryan Winkle,
Salt Lake City, UT

I would like to provide the strongest possible compliment to Veritas and my instructor. I believe the course is well designed and effective in its mission (to teach the GMAT vs. teach tricks around it), and that it was very well taught. Veritas came highly recommended and I would recommend it to anyone interested in taking a true GMAT prep course. Please keep up the good work.

Steven Burns,
San Francisco, CA

I stared at the screen in disbelief and nearly started laughing. My hope was a 680 or better; never did I imagine scoring a 760! I had increased my score from 600 to 760. Words cannot describe the elation! I thank you for providing that value I hoped for and helping me obtain a score that should get me into any program I desire. Thank you!

Andrew Tochterman,
Palo Alto, CA

I had studied and taken the GMAT before, but with Veritas I improved my verbal score from the 59th percentile to 85th percentile and maintained my strong quantitative score.

John Muiga,
New York City, NY

The tutoring helped me to raise my score by 100 points from my Practice Test to my actual test. I was very pleased with the improvement. My instructor did an excellent job. She provided some great strategies that I was able to implement with minimal training. My hat off to her for the support she provided.

Ben Robinson,
Dallas, TX

I took the test today and score 700! This was really my goal, and there is no way I could have achieved this score without the Veritas course. Thanks for all the help and guidance during and after the class.

Ben Moss,
London, England

I'm writing to offer my heartfelt thanks for this amazing program you've developed. I sat for the GMAT this past weekend and received a score of 740. That's a 140 point improvement from my previous score. Suffice it to say, your preparation materials were essential in helping me make that leap.

Rahul Pushkarna,
New York City, NY

I just wanted to let you know that, thanks in large part to your teaching, I got a 750 on the GMAT! I'm going to be applying to Columbia, USC, and UCLA and hopefully with that score and some good essays I'll be able to get a little bit of scholarship money. Thanks again for the great job you did with our class and hopefully our paths will cross again some day!

Ryan Perry,
Los Angeles, CA

My Head Consultant was extremely helpful in helping me put together a premier application, especially with regard to the essays.

Benjamin Lowell Price,

This is to let you know that the University of Chicago offered me a place in their program! I just wanted to thank all the staff and my wonderful consultants for their kind and precious help. I very much enjoyed the personal service and intensive collaboration they provided. I know that my application would have been well below average without them, and I can't thank you enough for that.

Sam Kunz,

I thought my consultant was great. Her feedback was detailed, she made good suggestions and responded in a timely manner. What I really appreciated was her detailed suggestions. What was also useful was her insight on Columbia admissions.

Shaheed Kajani,

I was notified last Thursday that I was accepted to Chicago GSB! I am beyond excited and so thankful for the help provided to me by Veritas!!! Thanks for helping me get into a top b-school!

Jason Hanson,

I just wanted to let you know that I got accepted into my top choice today, the London Business School. Thank you so much for all the valuable advice. I could not have done it without the help of your firm. Thanks for everything!

Evelyn Lin,

All of my consultants and specialists were excellent. The advice that I received from this firm was invaluable and worth every dime. I just received my acceptance letter from none other than my first choice - Chicago! Thank you for helping me get into a top business school!

Benjamin Lin,

The consultant from Columbia was extremely helpful and I am very happy that I picked Veritas. I was admitted into my top choice school and I will begin classes in the fall.

Grant Fisher,

To help me gear my applications toward specific schools, my Veritas Consultant helped shape my essays to fit unique criteria. He also went through my resume and changed it to make it look much more professional than I originally knew how. Even better, he showed me how to show my work experiences in a more favorable light. I also took the Veritas GMAT course in Chicago and loved it!

Tarun Mirchandi,

In general, the quality of feedback and assistance I got was very good. However, in the case of my MIT specialist, the level of service was off the charts. I can't thank Veritas enough for its invaluable assistance throughout this rigorous process.

Sidharth Khanna,

My first GMAT attempt resulted in a 620, which even dropped to a 580 in my second trial. But after working on your materials for several months, I've finally managed to reach a 690 last week. I really appreciate the quality and the volume of materials which you provide through your courses, and I am more confident now in applying for a top level business school. Thank you.

Yutaka Nakajima,

There is absolutely no better way to prep for the GMAT as quickly and as efficiently as possible than by using Veritas Prep! In 12 weeks I went from having honestly very little idea as to how to get my best score on the GMAT to now feeling relaxed and confident about taking the GMAT in the near future. Yes, this course is a lot of money, but it's probably some of the best money I have ever spent on my education.

Savannah Stanaland,
Raleigh, North Carolina

To anyone on the fence about going with Veritas or another prep course provider, you will NOT be disappointed in the way VP runs its ship. I've taken other courses in the past (SAT) and felt it was not worth the money nor the time. The tools and the resources provided to you by VP alone make it worth every cent!

Taylor Barton,
Washington, DC

I honestly don't know how you could create a better test prep outside of downloading information straight into your brain. The instructor was light-hearted and funny, the skillbuilders were helpful and the practice tests were top notch. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Garret Janeczko,
Las Vegas, NV

In my mind, Veritas is the only GMAT Prep Course you should consider using. They provide incredible content, fascinating and brilliant instructors, and technology that surpasses any other GMAT course I've come across. If you follow the plan you will significantly improve your score - I have no doubt.

David Germann,
Sandy, UT

Veritas as a resource centre was superb, a great add-on to the money I spent for 36 hours of online class (especially homework solutions with videos and the practice exams and response analytics). My online instructor, Ravi Sreerama, was probably the best teacher of anything I've ever had. Make no mistakes, you have to put in the effort on your end, but in terms of customer satisfaction I think this was the best money I've spent. Thank you.

Edward Scott,
Melbourne, Australia

I feel much more prepared now than I did at the beginning of the class. Before Veritas, I tried studying on my own, but without the structure of the class, I found I was wasting time and not engaging with the material. The Veritas course breaks down each subject and question type into applicable study segments and then teaches techniques and strategies to help students best prepare for the real thing on test day.

Ian Cobby,
Ontario, Canada

I tried many GMAT prep courses and materials and then I finally signed up for Veritas. Veritas was by far the most helpful and had the greatest impact. It is a well-planned method for teaching the student - not just the typical memorizing terms etc like much of the rest. It raised my GMAT score tremendously and I highly recommend it to anyone serious about the GMAT.

Brendan Sarsfield,
Smithtown, NY

The diversity of resources Veritas offers as well as the dedication and expertise of its instructors ensured I got a well-rounded and thorough preparation for the GMAT. The course is not only excellent in helping you note your weak spots, but also in working on them so you become an expert test-taker through the different sections of the GMAT.

Carlos Larreategui,
Washington, DC


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