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Watch Veritas Prep’s online GMAT Sentence Correction lesson for free! We are so confident that our GMAT prep curriculum is the most effective in the industry that we have made our entire Sentence Correction lesson available to everyone.

This is not a promotional video or a “preview,” but rather the entire Sentence Correction lesson that all of our students get when they enroll in any Veritas Prep GMAT course, including our self-guided Veritas Prep GMAT on Demand program. Veritas Prep offers in-person GMAT courses and private tutoring around the world, plus online GMAT instruction available everywhere.

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Why Does the GMAT Test Grammar?

If you have spent any time preparing for the GMAT, you have probably asked yourself these questions at least once: Why on earth does the GMAT test sentence correction? Why would grammar be held in such high regard by business schools?

You will see in this free video lesson why these problems are called “Sentence Correction,” not “grammar.” The reason is this: The GMAT tests problem-solving and logical-reasoning skills under the guise of English grammar and diction. Logic and reasoning remain cornerstones of this question type and of this lesson. Effective communication skills are of course important in business and business school, so the GMAT does test some grammar knowledge, but it is limited to commonly known grammar principles, specifically those that relate to clarity of meaning.

The Veritas Prep Approach to GMAT Sentence Correction

While your grammar knowledge obviously matters for Sentence Correction, most people already have the necessary grammar skills to achieve a high score. What most people do not have, however, is the correct strategic approach to Sentence Correction, and that is the primary goal of this lesson – to introduce you to the concept of “Decision Points” (a core part of the Veritas Prep GMAT Sentence Correction methodology) and teach you how to effectively leverage hints from the answer choices to find the correct answer.

By becoming good at core strategy and recognizing common errors through the use of Decision Points (and your “core competencies”), you will learn quickly that GMAT Sentence Correction is about effective problem solving, not chasing obscure and unimportant grammar rules (as so many people try to do in preparation for this question type!).

As you progress through our free video lesson, keep this axiom in mind: On the GMAT, Sentence Correction is more about what you know to be wrong than what you know to be right. You are on a seek-and-destroy mission, eliminating incorrect answer choices and relying on the most common Decision Points to ensure that you eliminate safely and wisely. Your mission through this lesson is to become an expert at recognizing common errors and the structures within which the GMAT tends to employ them.

Put These Strategies to Work for You

If you enroll in a Veritas Prep GMAT course, you will augment what you learn in this lesson with our “Learning By Doing” approach in the classroom. You will see how to attack problems strategically while learning important GMAT grammar rules through the problems themselves. That’s when you will fully understand how the testmakers make Sentence Correction hard, and how to smartly approach this challenge, time after time. Find a course near you »