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Ethan Todras-Whitehill

A test prep instructor since he was a student at Tufts in 2000, Ethan has taught the GMAT all across the world from New York to Seattle to Dubai, and now broadcasts his creative and engaging lessons from his studio in Amherst. In 2013, he won the Veritas Prep Worldwide Instructor of the Year award, but readily admits that he truly found his calling with the launch of the HD video Live Online format. When he’s not teaching the GMAT, he can be found traveling, writing about his travels in the New York Times, parenting, and woodworking. And whether he’s encouraging readers to visit the Himalayas or students to improve their algebra, he always has his eyes on helping others reach that elusive summit.

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Hear from Ethan Todras-Whitehill's recent students

The online prep course with Ethan was the best online class I have ever taken in my life. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking for an entertaining and engaging instructor who will give you the attention you need on the areas you need the most work." - Mallory Kaiser

Ethan was great. His explanations were critical to understanding the lessons for each topic. He kept us engaged and focused, making this course enjoyable as well. I liked his teaching style and his positivity throughout the entire course." - Michael Leahy

Ethan's charisma, personality and desire to facilitate our self-improvement made all the difference. I actually looked forward to class, whereas prior to the course I dreaded the material. He was very engaging, patient, bright, and brought his own ideas to the course that made the whole experience much more relatable and familiar." - Travis Walne

Understanding that every instructor has their own teaching methods, it has to be said that Ethan is beyond every expectation I had. He was empathetic and listened well. He found creative ways to teach and provided answers to every question with patience. His innovative teaching methods and honesty were supplemented by his enthusiasm for the topic. I can't imagine a better instructor. I learned so much as a result of an exceptional instructor." - Jennifer Dakki

Great instructor! He really went out of his way to present material so that everyone had a good understanding. Wish I had more instructors like him throughout my undergrad." - Katherine Mason

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