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Aaron Pond

An experienced GMAT instructor, Aaron has been teaching for Veritas Prep since 2006. While the GMAT isn’t rocket science, Aaron could do that, too (his undergraduate degree is in Astrophysics)! Since then, Aaron graduated #1 in his MBA cohort at Brigham Young University and finished his doctoral coursework in Educational Leadership at the University of Utah. Aaron’s engaging teaching style and creative methodologies help students look at questions from a totally different perspective, turning horrendous problems into simple, 20-second solutions. He has the distinction of being Veritas Prep’s 2012 Instructor of the Year.

Aaron Pond's Course Schedule

November 2 - December 7

10:00am - 5:00pm EST
Format: Live Online
Instructor: Aaron Pond
Full Course - Live Online | $1,450 or 3 payments of $500

January 14 - February 20

Tuesday Thursday
8:00pm - 11:00pm EST
Format: Live Online
Instructor: Aaron Pond
Full Course - Live Online | $1,450 or 3 payments of $500

February 24 - April 2

Monday Thursday
8:00pm - 11:00pm EST
Format: Live Online
Instructor: Aaron Pond
Full Course - Live Online | $1,450 or 3 payments of $500

Hear from Aaron Pond's recent students

My instructor, Aaron Pond, is the epitome of a concerned and very caring teacher. He is very thorough and will never bat an eye if you ask him for help. He also put in countless hours of his own time to make sure his students have everything they need to crush the GMAT." - Nathan Niebergall

I loved learning from Aaron. He was amazing and taught me more than strategies. He taught me how to think critically. By far, one of the best teachers that I have ever had. He was amazing." - Landon Jensen

Aaron Pond is an A++++++ instructor. It is evident that he has a true passion for helping individuals succeed on the GMAT. His knowledge of the material is unmatched. I would recommend him 100 times over." - Aaron West

Aaron is a great teacher. I really enjoy the class. He is concerned on how I approach questions, how much progress I make and really wants me to excel in the exam. He constantly fine tunes my approach, encourages me to keep my motivation levels high. I can go on and on telling how much he helps me...!" - Ramkishore Siddarampuram

I had the best instructor imaginable. When recommending Veritas to all of my peers, I will make sure they have Aaron." - Robbie Tanner

It is clear that Aaron doesn't treat this as just another class of people to teach, but rather as an opportunity to help people to succeed in life. I would highly recommend this class taught by Aaron Pond to anyone interested in doing well on the GMAT. Thanks for having such a solid instructor!" - Chris Speer

I have included a few comments below, which summarize many of the reasons I am so pleased with the quality of this course and specifically Aaron.
- Willingness to go above and beyond for the benefit of the class
- Time and dedication to included EXTRA things that were very beneficial (specifically study "cheat sheets" and the advanced verbal diagnostic he created)
- Clarity when explaining concepts and reviewing common traps
- Consistency. Aaron never missed a beat. It's common to have a good day here and there, but Aaron's passion was clear in every class.
Overall, this was a very positive experience. I appreciate Aaron's work and cannot say enough about his performance. Give this guy a raise!!!" - Scott Hegstrom

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