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Top GMAT Tutoring in Seattle, WA

If you have a bachelor’s degree and have been in the workforce for several years, you may be realizing that further education could provide with a faster path up the corporate ladder. If you are currently an undergraduate business student, you may be thinking about adding to your skill set to increase your stature when you enter the workforce. Either way, you may be looking at taking the GMAT in the near future. This is a comprehensive exam that many business schools use to make admissions decisions along with other factors. One way to put yourself in a position to do your best on the GMAT is with adequate test preparation. Veritas Prep offers Seattle GMAT tutoring to give you the direct attention you need from a test prep expert to perform your best on test day. Reach out to an academic advisor at Veritas Prep today or continue reading to learn more.

The GMAT consists of four sections that test your potential abilities as a business school student. The Integrated Reasoning section is multiple-choice and earn you a score from 1 to 8. The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections are also multiple-choice and each earn from 0 to 60 points. The Analytical Writing section scores from 0 to 6 points. Altogether, you will have three hours and 30 minutes to complete the exam. Seattle GMAT tutors can help you understand the material that the exam covers and familiarize you with the format and timing of each section.

Seattle GMAT tutoring allows you to get individual guidance and support that focuses on your exact needs. You can define what you’re sessions cover, or your tutor can assess your abilities to identify where you have the biggest opportunities to improve your score. Teaching to your primary learning style, Seattle GMAT tutors can explain topics to you in ways that are easier to understand. Your tutor can also progress through sessions at your pace, giving you the extra attention you need towards test-taking strategies, time management skills, and specific academic topics.

Another advantage of Seattle GMAT tutoring is that you can schedule sessions when it is convenient for you. Tutors are flexible and can meet you online, meaning you have the opportunity to get a premium service without having to rearrange your schedule.

If you’re ready to take advantage of Seattle GMAT tutors to improve your test preparation plan, contact Veritas Prep today. Academic advisors are available by phone or online to set you up with a tutor who is ready to help you put your best foot forward on the exam.

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