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Top GMAT Tutoring in San Jose, CA

In preparing for the GMAT, you want every advantage you can get. Often an important component in the application process for business school, the GMAT is a rigorous exam, and preparation can be daunting. With San Jose GMAT tutoring, Veritas Prep offers you the chance to work one-on-one with a private tutor who can help you do your best to be ready for this exam.

If you are applying to business schools such as the business school at San Jose State, a good score on the GMAT can improve your standing in the eyes of admission officials. Specifically designed as a measure of a person’s readiness for business school, the GMAT is a test with sections covering Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. There is also a section on Analytical Writing. The Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning, sections are scored from 6 to 51. The Integrated Reasoning section is scored from 1 to 8. The Analytical Writing section is scored from 0 to 6. Because the GMAT is computer-based, it is able to adjust to the ability of the test taker. If a person is in the Verbal or Quantitative Reasoning sections and they answer a question correctly, the test may offer them a more difficult question next. However, if they get the question wrong, the next question they receive could be easier.

San Jose GMAT tutors can provide you with individual attention to help you get ready. All tutoring takes place online, so you can pick the time you want to meet with your tutor, and you can meet them from wherever you want. Tutors are available at a wide variety of times so that you have the most flexibility to meet with a tutor at a time convenient for you. These one-on-one sessions are based around your needs and learning style. You and the tutor can use your time together to work on specific aspects of the test or test-taking strategies where you would like to improve. San Jose GMAT tutoring is a great option for someone who wants to learn at their own speed with lots of individual attention.

If you are interested in working with San Jose GMAT tutors, contact one of our academic advisors. They will connect you to a tutor who can fit your schedule and your needs. The GMAT is an exciting challenge, and San Jose GMAT tutoring can provide you with a person to help you prepare to the best of your ability.

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