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Top GMAT Tutoring in San Diego, CA

Taking the GMAT is a common step in applying to business school. A high score on the GMAT could improve your application to business schools such as those housed in the University of San Diego or San Diego State University. In order to help you make the most of your GMAT prep time, Veritas Prep offers San Diego GMAT tutoring to provide you one-on-one sessions devoted to your needs.

The GMAT is a three and a half hour computer-based exam. The exam has four sections, and different sections receive different scores. The section on Integrated Reasoning is scored from 1 to 8. The Analytical Writing portion is graded from 0 to 6. The Verbal Reasoning section and the Quantitative Reasoning section both receive scores from 0 to 60. Because the GMAT is administered on a computer, the test adapts to the skill of the test-taker. What this means is that the quality of a person’s answers determines the difficulty of the questions they receive. Answering questions correctly could lead to a more difficult question to follow and vice versa.

San Diego GMAT tutoring gives you the chance to learn from a skilled tutor in private sessions. As you work with San Diego GMAT tutors, they are able to focus exclusively on your concerns. Because everyone learns in different ways, this personal attention allows you to maximize your GMAT prep time. You can make a plan with the tutor that takes your abilities and learning style into account to address your goals for the GMAT. As you do sample problems, take practice tests, discuss strategies, and learn important concepts, you have the full attention of a gifted tutor who can give feedback suited to you.

In addition to the excellent learning environment that San Diego GMAT tutoring provides, you have the added benefit of online meeting. San Diego GMAT tutoring takes place online, which means you never have to commute to your sessions. You can attend anywhere with an internet connection. San Diego GMAT tutors are available at a wide variety of times so that you can attend sessions that suit your schedule.

By providing excellent one-on-one instruction in a convenient online package, San Diego GMAT tutoring from Veritas Prep can help you do your best as you study for the GMAT. If you believe that the benefits of San Diego GMAT tutoring are for you, contact an academic advisor online or over the phone today.

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