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Top GMAT Tutoring in Miami, FL

If you’ve been working for a while in the business world, you’re probably aware that you can significantly advance your career by earning your MBA. This is also true of students just finishing their undergraduate studies. One way to demonstrate your essential critical thinking and reasoning skills to the admissions committees who determine acceptance to MBA programs is to earn a solid score on the GMAT. Studying effectively for this exam can affect your entire future. Veritas Prep has many options to help you work toward your goals, including private Miami GMAT tutoring.

The GMAT is a challenging exam, and top MBA programs such as those at Florida International University’s Chapman Graduate School of Business or the University of Miami’s School of Business trust it as one item to consider when making informed admissions decisions.

The GMAT consists first of three multiple-choice sections, which are Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Integrated Reasoning. These are presented in a computer-adaptive format that tailors each question based on your performance to that point. The sections are scored separately and result in a total score from 200 to 800. In addition, there is an Analytical Writing task, which is scored on a scale from 0-6. You are allowed three and a half hours to complete all sections.

When you sign up with quality Miami GMAT tutoring through Veritas Prep, you’re making a commitment to maximizing your potential on the exam. This is the most intensive, personalized study option we offer. When you work in a one-on-one setting with your tutor, your needs are met to the most specific detail. Miami GMAT tutors provide comprehensive coverage of GMAT material in a dynamic way tailored to the specific set of skills and abilities you bring to the table. You’ll spend more time on the most challenging content, and do a more brief review in areas where you’re already proficient.

Miami GMAT tutors offer flexible scheduling and customized study sessions. In addition, Veritas Prep provides you with supplemental study materials such as recorded lessons you can access on demand when you need to focus on a particular subject as well as a number of practice tests that your GMAT tutor can use to gauge your progress and fine-tune future lessons accordingly.

If you’re seeking the most thorough study assistance as you prepare for the GMAT, Veritas Prep’s private Miami GMAT tutoring may be just what you’re looking for. Contact an academic advisor today to learn more and get signed up. We’re excited to help you make the most of your future.

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