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Top GMAT Tutoring in Jacksonville, FL

If you are a professional in Jacksonville with a bachelor’s degree who is thinking about pursuing an MBA at the University of North Florida or Jacksonville University, or if you are an undergraduate student who wants to continue your academic a business school, you may need to take the GMAT. The GMAT is an admissions exam that many business schools use to understand your current capabilities and predict how you might perform in their programs. If you are planning to take the GMAT, you should prepare as well as you can since your score could have an impact on your likelihood of admission to your school of choice. Veritas Prep can assist you in getting the most you can out of your test prep by setting you up with accomplished Jacksonville GMAT tutoring.

The GMAT consists of four sections: Integrated Reasoning, Analytics Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. You have 3 hours and 30 minutes to get through all of these sections. The GMAT also uses computer-adaptive testing (CAT), which tries to adapt questions based on your performance. You will earn a score from 1 to 8 on Integrated Reasoning, 0 to 6 on Analytical Writing, 0 to 60 on Quantitative Reasoning, and 0 to 60 on Verbal Reasoning.

Jacksonville GMAT tutoring is unique because you get dedicated support from an exam expert. You and your tutor can focus on your exam goals without the need to prioritize other students. Jacksonville GMAT tutors can instead customize a study plan just for you that ensures you’re always going after your best opportunities to maximize your exam score.

Another advantage of Jacksonville GMAT tutoring is the flexibility to schedule sessions when they work for you. There are Jacksonville GMAT tutors available throughout the day, so we can find someone for you who matches your availability. Tutors can work with you at your pace using your learning style for the most efficient test prep around.

When you sign up for Jacksonville GMAT tutoring, Veritas Prep also lets you choose one of our other GMAT test prep products. Choose from GMAT classes or our self-guided courses.

If Jacksonville GMAT tutoring sounds right for you, don’t hesitate to contact the academic advisors at Veritas Prep today. They are standing by online or via the phone to answer any further questions you may have and to get you signed up with a tutor who is ready to help you reach for your goals.

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