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Top GMAT Tutoring in Hartford, CT

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Top GMAT Tutoring in Hartford, CT

The GMAT is an important and rigorous exam dedicated to graduate programs in business. Your score on the GMAT could have an impact on your application to business schools such as the University of Connecticut School of Business or the University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business. Veritas Prep can provide you with a Hartford GMAT tutor to help you take your preparation to the next level.

The GMAT has four sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integral Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning are scored from 6 to 51, Integral Reasoning is scored from 1 to 8, and Analytical Reasoning is scored from 0 to 6. Because the test is administered by a computer, portions of the exam are able to change according to the skill of the test taker. Getting a question right could yield a question in the same content area that is more challenging. Getting a question wrong could cause the next question to be less difficult. The test takes slightly more than three hours to complete.

Hartford GMAT tutoring is intended to give you access to a private tutor while retaining the flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime. You will work with a Hartford GMAT tutor who can meet at times convenient for you, and you both meet over the internet. Because of the personalized nature of private tutoring, you can spend the most time on the content areas that are most difficult for you, and you can receive immediate feedback as you work through the skills you are learning. You and the tutor can create a plan focused on your needs. All Hartford GMAT tutors know the exam well and know how to prepare for its particular challenges. Additionally, Hartford GMAT tutoring can help you with skills such as test-taking strategies that can help you make the most of the knowledge you have and increase your confidence.

With the flexibility that Hartford GMAT tutoring offers, any student can experience the benefits of private tutoring in a comfortable setting that fits their schedule. By putting your learning needs first and suiting the time to your learning style, a Hartford GMAT tutor gives you tools to prepare yourself thoroughly for the GMAT. If you want convenient one-on-one instruction devoted to your individual needs, contact a Veritas Prep academic advisor today. They will put you in contact with one of our skilled tutors and get you started on the next step of your GMAT prep journey.

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