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Top GMAT Tutoring in Bakersfield, CA

Many business schools use your GMAT score as they consider your application. Business schools such as the California State University School of Business and Public Administration may be more interested in your application if it includes a high score on the GMAT. Therefore, it is worth taking time to prepare well for the test. Bakersfield GMAT tutoring from Veritas Prep is a way to maximize your time preparing for this important exam.

The GMAT has four sections, which are Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. The sections on Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning are scored from 0 to 60. Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing receive scores from 1 to 8 and 0 to 6, respectively. The GMAT is a computer-based test, which allows the test to adapt to the performance of the test-taker. If the person taking the test answers a question correctly, the following question will be more challenging. Likewise, if they get a question wrong, the next question will be less challenging. Test-takers are allocated three and a half hours to complete the GMAT.

Bakersfield GMAT tutoring creates a personalized learning environment. You and the Bakersfield GMAT tutor work one-on-one, which places your needs at the center of your sessions. Bakersfield GMAT tutors adapt the sessions to your goals, learning style, and academic abilities. This focus on your needs means that you don’t have to relearn content that you are already familiar with, nor do you have to learn in a way that does not suit you. Bakersfield GMAT tutors can walk through practice problems with you, discuss strategies and concepts specific to the GMAT, and make a plan to increase your understanding. You receive immediate feedback in your sessions to help you feel more confident and develop your skills. Bakersfield GMAT tutoring is available at a number of times to accommodate numerous schedules. You can make your Bakersfield GMAT tutoring work for your schedule rather than trying to fit your life around tutoring.

In a competitive environment for business school applications, every edge counts. Whether you are continuing your education after your undergraduate years or are returning to school to advance your career, Bakersfield GMAT tutoring from Veritas Prep can help you along. Your tutoring sessions are about you: how you learn, what you want to learn, and when you want to learn. If you believe you would benefit from this personalized GMAT prep experience, contact an academic advisor over the phone or online to get started.

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