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Top GMAT Prep in Scranton, PA

Working professionals often seek out a prestigious business program to work on earning a MBA. You may be able to bolster your chances of getting into a top Scranton school, like the University of Scranton, by taking a comprehensive assessment test like the GMAT. Whether you prefer working alone or with a group, Veritas Prep has a Scranton GMAT prep option that can work for your learning needs.

The Graduate Management Assessment Test, or GMAT, is taken over a computer-adaptive system that adjusts its difficulty based on your performance. There are four sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. You’ll have three hours and 30 minutes to complete the exam, making time management a critical skill for success. Consider taking advantage of our Scranton GMAT prep options to get the most out of each study session.

Independent learners can enjoy working through the materials offered in our Scranton GMAT course. This method of prep is self-directed and thorough. There are interactive lesson videos that cover various aspects of the exam. You can download or stream them at your leisure. Use the diagnostic exam to get a feel for your preparedness or take one of several practice tests. These materials can be used together to create a custom study experience that appeals to your academic needs.

If you’d like a blend of structure and independence, you can sign up for Scranton GMAT classes. For 36 hours across six weeks, you can join other students over an interactive virtual classroom. Each GMAT instructor has scores in the 99th percentile, a feat that allows them to give you unique insight to the exam. They can teach you testing strategies that can help you recall information quickly during the test. In addition, you can enjoy access to all materials in the on-demand course above.

One-on-one Scranton GMAT tutoring allows you to follow a fully customized learning plan. Your tutor can get to know your learning style, personality, and areas of opportunity to create a study guide that can help you stay on track. You can work at a pace that you are comfortable with, asking questions and working through problems until you feel confident about the information. Throughout each session, Scranton GMAT tutors can assess your progress and adjust their strategies to suit your needs. You can arrange each online tutoring session around your schedule for maximum convenience.

If you’re not sure where to get started in Scranton GMAT prep, contact Veritas Prep! Our academic advisors can tell you more about each of these Scranton GMAT preparation packages.

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