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Top GMAT Prep in Louisville, KY

If you’re actively looking for ways to accelerate your ascent up the corporate ladder, an MBA degree may be the boost your professional life needs. Applying to a business program is comparable to undergraduate admissions, except that many schools use a special business test called the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT for short) in lieu of a more generalized test like the SAT. If you want top-flight Louisville GMAT prep, Veritas Prep offers an extensive catalog of Louisville GMAT preparation tools and resources to help you feel more confident heading into the exam.

There are four sections on the GMAT: three multiple-choice (Integrated/Verbal/Quantitative Reasoning) and one open-response (Analytical Writing). All three multiple-choice sections utilize CAT technology. In this context, “CAT” stands for Computer-Adaptive Testing and means that the system selects your next question according to how you did on the previous one. Some students find this nerve-wracking, so you might want Louisville GMAT tutors to teach you strategies to help deal with it.

The GMAT’s Integrated Reasoning section measures a test-taker’s ability to incorporate academic knowledge into professional problem-solving. Its Verbal Reasoning section is basically an English test, measuring your vocab and command of the English language. Likewise, Quantitative Reasoning is the GMAT’s version of a math test. Our self-study Louisville GMAT course contains informative videos, in-depth guidebooks, and practice questions to help you develop a feel for everything you might see on exam day. Everything is also accessible on-demand, so you can study wherever and whenever you wish.

The GMAT’s Analytical Writing section is an open essay prompt. If you have a hard time organizing your thoughts for an essay, our live Louisville GMAT class covers outlining strategies to help you approach your composition with a clearly defined plan of attack. Your instructor will have personally scored within the 99th percentile on their own GMAT, so you can trust all of the test-taking tips they provide.

Some students also use Louisville GMAT tutoring to take practice exams under realistic test-taking conditions to develop a sense of the time available to them. You only have three and a half hours for the entire test, so learning how to use it effectively is a key component of Louisville GMAT prep.

Students in the Louisville area have many business programs to consider, including Spalding University. If you’re ready to take your Louisville GMAT prep to the next level, contact an academic advisor using the information below today!

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