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Top GMAT Prep in Honolulu, HI

The GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test, may be used to assess your academic abilities whether you’re preparing to leave college or looking to advance your career. The 3-hour 30-minute exam challenges your knowledge and endurance. You can choose the order in which you complete its sections, and Honolulu GMAT preparation from Veritas Prep can help you reach your score goals and familiarize you with the GMAT’s content and format.

A Quantitative Reasoning section covers problem solving and data sufficiency, and the Verbal Reasoning section tests your reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction abilities. Both are scored from 0-60 and are computer adaptive. The difficulty of the test is adjusted based on how you answer each question; answer correctly, and the next question will become more difficult, and vice versa.

The Integrated Reasoning section, scored from 1-8, consists of graphics interpretation, table analysis, and multi-source reasoning. Scored from 0-6 in 0.5-point increments, the Analytical Writing Assessment measures your ability to analyze an argument. While it may be uncertain what you are expected to know and demonstrate, Honolulu GMAT prep can help provide the instruction and study assistance you need to feel prepared on test day.

Veritas Prep offers Honolulu GMAT tutoring, which provides the opportunity to learn and prepare for the test via one-on-one help. Honolulu GMAT tutors can assess your abilities and structure lessons based what you need to know. Tutors will not pressure you to move faster than you’re comfortable with.

Self-guided courses provide another form of Honolulu GMAT prep. They consist of on-demand interactive videos with prerecorded content. Watch each video on your own time, while additional materials such as practice questions and live online homework help are available. Live class sessions, another option, offer 36 hours of instruction and meet concurrently, so you can choose a session that fits within your schedule. Interact with instructors who have scored high on the GMAT and with your peers, and take advantage of the same study materials offered in our Honolulu GMAT course.

Veritas offers Honolulu GMAT prep in the form of tutoring, courses, and classes so you can find a format that works best for you. Are you still unclear as to what direction to take? Call, email, or submit the form on this page and an academic advisor will discuss your needs, concerns, and goals. We look forward to hearing from you as you reach for your goals on the GMAT.

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