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Top GMAT Prep in Des Moines, IA

People seeking MBAs and other advanced business degrees in the Des Moines area typically look at the business schools at Drake University and Clarke University, or they branch out to programs at places like the University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Iowa. Many working professionals return to school to pursue an MBA so they can afford themselves new career possibilities. Current undergraduate students also make plans to attend business school if they know they want to continue their education in those degree programs. Whatever the motivation, many students looking at the schools and many others around the country decide to take the GMAT. This test helps business schools assess a student’s capabilities, and many admissions offices require it. This is a challenging exam, and preparing for it adequately is a good idea. To get help to be ready for test day, Veritas Prep provides you with several different Des Moines GMAT preparation choices.

The GMAT is administered via computer - adaptive testing technology. What this means is that sections like Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning might show you different questions based on how you are doing. If you are getting questions right, the test may increase in difficulty. Conversely, if you are having trouble getting the right answers, the software may reduce the difficulty of questions. The Integrated Reasoning section provides you with data and then asks you to solve problems using that data. The Analytical Writing section has you critique an argument. All told, you have 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete the GMAT.

Des Moines GMAT prep from Veritas Prep offers different packages to accommodate all students. Those who prefer independent study may like our courses. The self-study package gives students the tools and resources they need to study effectively on their own time. GMAT video lessons can be streamed on-demand. A diagnostic test identifies where you need the most focus as you prepare. Practice tests give you familiarity with the exam and assess your progress.

Des Moines GMAT classes come with everything you get in a course with the addition of 36 hours of instruction in an online classroom. Your instructor is someone who earned a GMAT score in the 99th percentile. During class time, you will gain insight into the academic topics you’ll find on the GMAT as well as tips and tricks for getting the most out of every section. This Des Moines GMAT option is popular with students who appreciate learning in a classroom environment.

Des Moines GMAT tutoring has benefits for everyone. With a tutor, you get individualized support to focus on your precise needs. Des Moines GMAT tutors can figure out where you excel and where your gaps are so they can customize a learning plan that keeps you concentrating on your best opportunities to maximize your score. When you choose a tutoring package, you’ll have the option of our classes or our courses to supplement your tutoring sessions.

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