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Top GMAT Courses in Fresno, CA

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Top GMAT Courses in Fresno, CA

Whether you are applying to business school directly after your undergraduate years, or are returning to school to advance your career, your GMAT score could have an impact on the application process. Business schools such as those at Fresno Pacific University or California State University - Fresno may be more interested in your application if it includes a high GMAT score. Veritas Prep provides Fresno GMAT courses to give you resources that can propel your studying to the next level.

The GMAT is administered via computer, and it takes three and a half hours to complete. The GMAT contains four sections, which are Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. The Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning portions are scored from 0 to 60. Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing are graded from 1 to 8 and 0 to 6, respectively. Because the GMAT is computer-based, it has an important feature. The exam changes which questions it asks, based on your performance. If you answer a question correctly, the next question will be more difficult. However, if you answer a question wrong, the next question will be less challenging.

Combining great resources with flexibility, Fresno GMAT courses allow you to control your study time. You can watch on-demand video lessons that teach the key content areas of the GMAT. As you watch the lessons, you are able to interact with the videos in order to have a more engaging learning experience. You can watch the videos at your own pace, or you can rewatch videos on concepts that are particularly important or challenging.

Your Fresno GMAT course also includes access to excellent materials to supplement the learning you do with the video lessons. You can use diagnostic tests to gain an understanding of which parts of the GMAT are most difficult for you. Practice tests give you comfort and practice answering the sorts of questions that appear on the GMAT. Practice problems give you opportunities to hone your skills. When you take a Fresno GMAT course, you also have the option to receive live homework help. This is available at regular hours to assist you with challenging homework questions.

Veritas Prep gives you great resources in a Fresno GMAT course. They allow you to direct your studying according to what you need to do your best. If you believe these great materials, and the flexibility to learn whenever you wish, would benefit your GMAT prep, contact an academic advisor online or over the phone.

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