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Top GMAT Courses in Boston, MA

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Top GMAT Courses in Boston, MA

A graduate education isn’t just for lifelong students anymore. Many career-focused individuals are returning to school to earn an MBA in order to show employers that they have the skills demanded by the current business environment. If you have been thinking about pursuing an MBA at a local institution such as Harvard Business School, a good score on the GMAT could help you earn admission. The GMAT (or Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized exam utilized by business programs throughout the country to separate the best candidates from the rest. If you could benefit from professional help getting a good score, a Boston GMAT course from Veritas Prep contains all of the materials you need for effective independent study.

The GMAT consists of a total of four sections: Integrated Reasoning, Qualitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Integrated Reasoning consists of multiple-choice items assessing your ability to apply academic knowledge to solve real-world problems. It’s scored on a 1-8 scale.

Both the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections contain multiple-choice questions scored on a scale from 0-60. The Quantitative Reasoning section assesses your mathematics skills, while the Verbal Reasoning section measures your vocab and communication abilities.

Finally, the Analytical Writing section requires you to compose an essay based on the prompt provided. You may think that somebody who is looking at spreadsheets all day wouldn’t need to know how to write, but effectively expressing yourself during team meetings and via written communication is one of the most important business skills there is. You have three-and-a-half hours to complete the entire test.

Our Boston GMAT course contains informative videos, interactive lessons, and practice exams to help guide your independent study. Everything is accessible on your favorite mobile devices, putting you in complete control over where and when you work. You can even stop a video on one device and continue it on another for added flexibility.

Our Boston GMAT courses also include regular access to live homework help so that you can seek advice from a knowledgeable expert whenever something doesn’t make sense to you. This provides the best of all worlds, as you are free to study on your schedule while maintaining expert advice as needed.

The GMAT is a challenging test, but you can do it with our comprehensive Boston GMAT course at your side. If you would like to learn more about the course or the other test prep packages Veritas Prep can provide, please contact an academic advisor for more information today!

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