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Top GMAT Classes in Tucson, AZ

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Top GMAT Classes in Tucson, AZ

If you’re looking into ways to help your resume stand out in a crowd, earning an MBA from a local school such as the University of Arizona may be the differentiator you have been searching for. Business schools have an application process comparable to what high school kids do to get into college, except that they may require students to take a specialized exam called the GMAT. “GMAT” is short for Graduate Management Admissions Test, and it places a heavy emphasis on the skills needed in the workforce. If you’re interested in taking your test prep to the next level, a Veritas Prep Tucson GMAT class could help you prepare for the big day.

There are four distinct sections on the GMAT: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Verbal Reasoning measures your command of the conventions of the English language. Quantitative Reasoning assesses your ability to work with numbers. Both sections consist of multiple-choice questions scored on a scale from 0-60.

The GMAT’s Integrated Reasoning section measures your ability to use academic knowledge to solve real-world problems. It also uses a multiple-choice format, but is scored on a scale from 1-8. Finally, you are required to compose an original essay scored on a scale from 0-6 on the Analytical Writing portion.

All of the GMAT’s multiple-choice items are administered via Computer-Adaptive Testing (CAT), meaning that the computer selects the next question as a response to how a student is faring. Some students get nervous if they receive consecutive “easy” questions, but losing your self-confidence is not going to help you perform up to your academic expectations. Our Tucson GMAT class is taught by a knowledgeable instructor who personally scored within the 99th percentile on the exam, making them a reliable source of practical test-taking tips for concentrating on the problem in front of you.

We know that working professionals have minimal free time, so we offer several Tucson GMAT classes concurrently to make it easier to find a good scheduling fit. Our innovative online platform also supports student-to-student interaction, fostering a collaborative learning environment that many students find beneficial.

Our classes also come with access to our self-study GMAT course, so you can study between class sessions as your schedule allows. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of taking a Veritas Prep Tucson GMAT class, please reach out to an academic advisor using the information provided below for more information.

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